Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The week that was

I ate so much & so many items in last three days that I landed up falling sick.I'd still blame the ice cream.Minor fever! But the last three days , I had so much fun that it all seems to compensate.

I'm not much of a cricket buff but I did watch the IPL finals.That too at a swanky pub :P

I wasn't supporting any team as such & just in case I would have , I'm sure I'd have a nervous breakdown.The match was nail-bitingly interesting.At least to me.Avi thought it was nothing compared to the KKR matches.

I cheered whether it was a six or a four or a wicket :D

Just been going out for lunch or dinner either outside or at cousin's place.

Laughed crazily.On the most silly things ever.

Got a treat from a cousin.A good one!

Pronounced 'banquet' as to rhyme with blanket , accidentally! Told Arv bro I always make pronunciation mistakes while I talk to him :P Probably because am too conscious.

The investment chain thing that had me on fritz since I couldn't figure out how it worked was explained to me in simple words.Its known as the Great Fool Theory where you become a fool & then make a bigger fool :D I'm to tell that to Zee ! Will be so much fun :D

My cousins made a very short stay unlike usually but thats fine as I had a really nice weekend overall after a LONG time.

Strangely though , I'm not at all hyper :S

But I was extremely happy when P1 & P2 complimented me on my new haircut :P lol


  1. LOL @eating! I do that too...sometimes...and then I get all bloated and pukey!

    Cousins r always great company :)


  2. So having a good time haan.. I'm Jealous I'm jealous.. lol :D
    Enjoy girl.. :)

  3. - Keshi -
    pukey..lol ! Nah not with great food :P

    - Preposterous -
    HAD a good time..[ limited ]
    Now having cold :(
    sneezing & coughing..are you still J ? :P


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