Sunday, December 13, 2009

Whiter than White!

I saw Amavasya today ( ridiculous movie title translation I've heard in years ) ..Yes ..New moon - second of the twilight series.And I watched it even before I saw Twilight.

Lets begin the movie bashing.

Firstly , I wld personally write a mail to the make-up artist.The director's and the make up artist's point must be that vampires are supposed to look pale white.My point is - why do you need to do anything to make goras look goras when they are already pretty much goraa ??!!
A little bit of pale foundation would have been OK.Edward Cullen in the movie looked no less than a Joker.
My first and last impression.And a sad one on that.

Someone said to me that Jacob Black or Jake ( werewolf ) in the movie is handsome.
Are you kidding me ? Seriously..are you ?!?!
Yeah.. He was supposed to be handsome if you go by the book..but I don't think it was important to cast a really wolf lookalike guy.
Thankfully he was bearable after the hair cut and the show off of his chiseled hot body!

Bella Swan was digestible.I marked her expressions in particular scenes.She had to play an awfully drained out girl and she did it just fine.

But I don't like how Bella's character is sketched in the movie.Here she makes best friends with a werewolf and as soon as she finds a sister-vampire back into her life - tevaar hee badal gaye uske!
I overheard ppl laughing - kaam go gaya..bhaaga diya :P
They could have dealt with that much better.Like in the book.

If I had to choose a fav scene - it would be where Jake tries to avoid Bella and asks her to leave him.Its shot in rain.And was something where I felt like finally I'm glued in the movie.I was almost liking the one where Bella encounters Laurent , but sadly the scene's a bit messed up since its paced up.

Disappointed with Cullen.What the hell is wrong with the director ? Someone should request the director to read the novels properly and understand what the lovable Vampire is all about!
The movie couldn't have been any better.But Edward should have been.
I'm dreaded to watch Twilight now.It will be the horror show-of-disappointments.

* Of all the things - to watch a movie where vampires are referred as Pisaach is definitely a torture.Plus to watch movie with someone who again hadn't seen twilight NOR read the novel was a much more pain.I was more busy solving the confusion and guiding through than watching the movie.Grrrr!


  1. what about werewolves???bhediya????...the eng movies are so funny in hindhi....if u r laugh deprieved u should see one...

  2. omg! how did u bear that movie?
    edward is so gay!

    PISAAACH cracked me up maaan!
    it sounds ridiculous!

  3. God!!U saved me..Was going to watch these Pisaach tommorow morning...With the kind of review u've given..doesn't seem I'd b able to bear it too..have watched twilight, which was bearable in English...there were no Pisaach to deal with...
    Saved me!!

  4. lol!!how cud u see it in Hindi!!I cant bear english movies dubbed into hindi. Anyways, i haven't read the book so i dont have much to compare. And considering the fact tht it wasnt tht gr8, i think i wud rather read the book than see the movie!

  5. lady u spoil ur day!!!
    why not opted Paa(each n everything is beautiful in that movie)

    PS: r u merged ur Movie Review blog with this blog.

  6. Edward : " Mere gharwale khoon nai peete. Hum sabzee khaate hain, mainly patta-gobhi and mattar. Bela ! mai tumse pyaar karta hoon Bela ! Tumhaare khoon ki sugaandh mujhe tumhara deewana bana deti hai Beeeelaaaaa !! "

  7. jokes apart.... this is one movie wich cud use a sex scene ! i can just imagine how wud they dub a passionate love making scene xD

  8. Wow what a movie!!!
    N wat abt d movie "DE MUKKA" or "PYAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA" they go for!!
    loling at the movie AMAVASYA!!

  9. LOL! I haven't watched twilight or any series of it AT ALL. I'm thrilled to read the review though :P You do love to add tadka along with the fake maska to the director, dontcha? Good post =))

  10. Nagpur mein sari movies hindi mein release hoti hain kya ?

  11. - Kaka
    Yeah bhediya :P
    No No not funny..this one was rather annoying :(

    - Orange
    He looks good in the pics and at times in the movie too when he is side-faced.But a lot more a joker than a gay.
    lol ya..pisaach is ultra dumb.

    - Jaunty
    I was going to say you're welcome but looks like you already watched it.
    How cld I forget the De Mukka part! LOL! That was the lamest thing ever in dubbing.Far lame than pisaach! :D

    - Ria
    Anything for the love of movies know :P
    Sadly I didn't have an option , so had to opt for the Hindi show.
    Yeah do read the novels.Very entertaining =)

    - Ravindra
    Oh I already saw Paa.Was kinda excited about New moon
    Nah I havent merged the two blogs..but saved the movie bashing for this blog :D

    - Sentenced...
    Haha! lol @ patta gobi!
    Khoon ki sugandh...Yuck!
    The essence of certain words remain in some particular lingo!

    And you can't think of anything else ?! :P + how can a love making scene be dubbed ? :|

    - Anamika
    Yes :D What is a movie bashing w/o any tadka :D
    But Fake maska ..kahan ?? :| Never never!
    Thx :) Nice to see you !

    - Peter
    that's not the point you know :P ok I know it is!! well not really..the non-dubbed shows are late night and unfortunately mostly I'm unable to catch up with those.

  12. my ratin 4 ur posts wud go dis way...

    * boring
    ** overheads yet gud
    *** entertaining
    **** fantabulous
    ***** classic

    & dis is nt 4m pt of view of a blogger but ppl like me i.e. " MANGO PEOPLE" ...

  13. ** coz didnt see da movie..but d way u hv expressed ur disgust makes it sure 4 me 2 neva dare 2 se it in hindi atleast...good good ...keep it up...

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