Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tu Jaane Na...

How could I miss mentioning this song ?? Its awesome! Also , its been pictured BEAUTIFULLY!

Its been shot in Turkey.The feel of the song increases ten folds with the video.Now this is the kind of thing I call 'superb' - Amazing choice of location , great angels ..a goddess like actress (Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous as always..but the point I wanted to make is that her outfit in the song is equally gorgeous :P ) , a smoking hot actor + a heart-tugging soul stirring song.
What more can you ask for a visual treat ?!

Kaise batayein..
Kyon tujhko chahein

Yaara bata na payee..

Batein dilo ki
dekho jo baki

ankhein tujhe samjhaye..

Tu Jaane Na..

The song has a Sufi touch to it , making it my fav.The lyrics are good too :)
And of course , I have resumed liking listening to Atif Aslam.

** Bubble got engaged.I'm so excited for her.No I guess I'm just excited about having another wedding in family :D Its gonna be a lot of fun!
I wish though..I could attend the luncheon party tomorrow.I really wanted to be there for her.
Don't wanna get melo dramatic.She doesn't need me at the moment. Nobody on earth who's just engaged needs anyone in their life till the craze settles to normality :P But she certainly wants me there!! I'm the first one to whom she broke the news of her engagement.

Argh! I feel a little bad.I've been extremely mean to her.And here..during the most happiest moment of her life - she's been cajoling me to no end to come down when she sld have actually spent that time in deciding what she has to wear :P
I thought I could make up for at least one of those mean times by attending the small function tomorrow.But I cannot go.Crap crap crap!
Just wishing I turn up for the formal engagement ceremony and of course the wedding!

I still cannot believe the girl who's been getting wedding proposals since she was 15 -is finally getting married!! :D On a funny note - I wonder what ppl are left to talk about , now that miss cynosure is going to tie the knot :P
Ankey's already getting the jitters."Its my no. after hers..damn!" haha! I couldn't stop laughing when she texted that.

And although I had unofficially taken an oath that I'm never going to dance on stage - I've decided to put that resolution on hold. I don't mind making a fool of myself again - its Bubble's wedding afterall.

My jeeju is very handsome , I heard.Bubble deserved someone very good looking as it is and everything else too seems to have fallen into place.Perfect!
Bubble gum! Congratulations ..very happy for you !


  1. hi friend,

    that's an awesome song, thanks for letting me know.. otherwise i would have taken a long time to stumble upon it :) she is truly gorgeous.

    congrats to ur bubble sister.


  2. Even I love the song... there are more versions of it vaise, the one by Kailash Kher is also superb... <3

    You're sooo excited, and it's sooo visible :) congrats to your sister. :)

    Hehe, I know everybody starts recounting who's next in line, whenever a wedding gets announced ;)

  3. Beautiful video and an amazing song... thanks for sharing..

    Hey! Hey! Congrats to Bubbles :) Hope u make it to all the formal functions...:)

    Dancing on stage is fun at times...*makes me nervous though* :)

  4. oh yeah i love that song too!!i keep listening to it time and again. And like u said the picturisation is awesome too!! Thanks for letting me know tht its in Turkey. I was wondering where it is!? :)

    Anyways congrats to Bubbles from my side. Its raining weddings these days.

  5. try the unplugged version by kailash kher...even better!

  6. Must ahve heard this song the hundredth time by now...I just sooo love it!!

  7. About the song, well it's just another bollywood song for me ..even tho it has katrina in it, and even though the song is topping the charts, yes kill me or delete this comment if u dun like either of us !

    and congrats to ur bubble, (thats ur cousin i am guessing), hope u and everyone in ur family has an awesome time :D


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