Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fevicol & Jinx

I had this chocolate pastry 2 days back that had to be mentioned here because it tasted like Fevicol.
I have never tasted fevicol.But sometimes you just happen to figure out from the smell of an edible item how it must taste like.I somehow am able to 'imagine' the taste of other non-edible items too.

Fevicol's one of them.
It smells strong.It just easy to consider how it would taste like.

Now accordingly , I should have known what that choc cake would taste like ( going by the smell which again must be the smell of fevicol > > since it tasted like fevicol ) But that didn't work.It smelled heaven : just what normal choc cake/pastry must smell and taste like.
So I had it all but of course it tasted fevicol :|

I think I also know what a chalk tastes like.And same goes for sand.
The smell tells you so much.
When I was young , I used to not eat veggie , curries or whatever the healthy food stuff I was supposed to eat.And if I happened to be at a relative's place , I would smell the food before eating it.I wonder if I was a cat in my previous birth but that's ironical since I'm cat-o-phobic.So whatever I was and am..I smell food before eating , unconsciously I guess.Most of the times ..its just too tempting.
The smell of the food in itself has my stomach and tongue demons rolling , dancing :P apart from the Ravenous Rats jumping ;)
I somehow , don't find it odd.And I still like myself , even If I WAS a cat.


My friend VD used to always scold me for playing with my cell phone and she still does.
I would never let my cell phone rest in place.Flip it up and down , use it like an empty bottle and roll it round the table , drop it minimum 5 times a week somewhere or the other, etc.
I just have to do something to my cell phone.Now VD almost cursed me ..that I will break my cell into pieces if I continue making my cell dance to my tunes.
She loves her cell.I mean even I do but only to the limits of how a biscuit phone ( that's how Awin nicked my cell ) is to be loved.She keeps it like its a diamond ring.Has it laminated , always in cover and always neatly kept on the desk unlike me.
NOW..the jinx seems to have done its job , totally reverse.

Her cell was pieces :D I couldn't stop laughing when I first heard that.I actually wondered if laughing was the right thing since we were supposed to mourn for the death of her cell :P
But she couldn't hide her laughter either. In fact she was embarrassed while breaking the news to me.
So well the lesson is : Don't be super possessive about your cell phone.Let it breath , man! Give it space and mostly Make it DANCE! like I do :D

Since she always had the cell in the cover , the other day she didn't realize which side was sealed and bang on : the cell slipped off the open side , lol + it had to fell and crash with the edge of the glass table ..ultimately breaking the screen.Poor lamination charges :P
Her cell might get repaired.I hope it does.

Lesson 2 : Never curse or even imagine of something bad happening to somebody else.You never know , you see :P


  1. enjoy ur senses dear...i do tat too:)...but only to relish it..mom always tells its disrespecting the food!!...havn't understood in wat way though!!..:)...

    nice lessons!!..poor ur frien!!.. r should i say poor ur frien's mob!!:)...

  2. Aww man, I hate that feeling when something smells amazing but tastes like crap! The aroma of food and the taste are supposed to go hand in hand, lol.

  3. expressing your sense for smell and taste was funnny..

    Good one.. :)

  4. LOL :D
    tasted like fevicol ??? :)
    did ur tongue stick or something like that!

  5. I dnt think I shud comment on the latter part of this post!


    Arey I like Fevicol's smell a lot.. not sure how it tastes..! how can a cake have these strange smells/tastes?
    are u sure it was a pastry after all?

  6. I Love those old Nokia phones. Break them. Use it as a weapon. Make it dance, prance or just throw around in anger, they are steady as hell. They are like those creepy boyfriends you want to get rid off but can not. :P


  7. never heard of anything tasting like Fevicol! Lol! :P Thr was funny for sure.

  8. lolz
    little brat story is funnier...
    this lady is a good narrator

  9. what a post!!! what a post!!!
    i m glad you gave me this big a breakfast :D

    love ya!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. haww who deleted my comment :O U ?

    anyways, I was saying that there was this guy in my batch who said,
    " this canteen samosa tastes like shit"
    and still kept eating the same samosa :|

    and I have lost my cel in all the ways possible, yes that's how too :P

    I loved this post btw :)

  12. So one would be safer playing, rolling, dropping etc their cell phones? ;)

    I feel fevicol tastes and feels a little sticky too, that's something it has in common with a rich, creamy chocolate cake.

  13. i had a cheaper cell st first which was subjected to all sorts of tests and it survived until it was sold of to my friend...i got a new cam one and i used to take care of it so much and its screen was cracked when my friend took it and was returned back to me....

  14. even i used to smell my food before eating it and my dad used to always tell me not to! i still do ..at times :P

    even though my phone's like my baby, i have fun throwing it around too! lol


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