Friday, October 30, 2009


Lil brat , 11 yr old , got a cell phone.
I was particularly concerned about this & quite against too.
But I don't have a say.
Spoil your kids!

So the brainy sweet lil brat chats to me online & tells me about his new cell , gives me the number & then texts me right then "How are you ?"
I had to tell him that we are already chatting there was no need for him to seperately text me and ask how I was.
But it was excitement of owning a cell phone that was driving him to text messages.

I logged off.He texts me after an hour
"You are sweet as a flower"

My first reaction was "WHAT?"
Second : I had to laugh.
Third , to text him back
"Thank you lil brat..I didn't know flowers are sweet :P"

Lil brat : Hahahahaha

:| Ok I need to teach him some chat protocols.Never do the 'hahahaha' Unless something is so insanely funny that it practically has you rolling on floor laughing.
But anyway..I'm sweet as a flower for now :P


Cute Littlest brat , 5 yr old.
Me : You don't like your sister [ me] , do you ?
CLB : I like you..wait..I'll tell how much
Me : mmhmm
CLB : I like you A LOT
..A LOT..
more than the Flower Pot #
Me : 1 > WHAT ???
2 > *Laughing*
3> What ? :|
CLB :'re my fav.More fav than the flower pot
Me :'re saying you love the flower pot ??
I had to ask that to ensure if the flower pot meant the world to him.It would be a fair deal then :P
CLB : No noo..I love you much much more than that.
Me : no no no..I'm asking if you like those flowers A LOT ?
CLB : Yes..Yellow's my fav color & I like those flowers
Me : Ok
CLB : But I like you more than that.

So between me & a flower pot , cute littlest brat would choose ME.


# By flower pot , he meant the yellow colored artificial flowers.
And yes ..he always has a 'measure' to tell me how much he loves me.Like usually he gives me a number : I like you 3000 crore & I like mom 5000 crore , lol.
Did I not mention he is cute ?

Anyway , at the moment :
I'm sweet as a flower And
I'm liked more than some artifical yellow colored flowers :D
Applaud please!


  1. well i learnt some chat protocols now and i will keep them in mind...:P...
    P.S: you have been applauded..:)

  2. That was super duper cute. Cuter than the yellow flower pot!! :D

  3. Okay, when you dun find something funny u can go LOL and ROFL and all but if u find somethng very funny u can go like 'HAHAHA' and all right ?

    and yeah, cell does bring excitement to kids, they even go on bragging bout it, or at least I did so when i got one although, it was family phone back then :P:D

  4. lol..waise, I hardly follow chat protocols..I am not sure if i am even aware of these protocols..

    and u always deserve to b applauded :)

  5. - Kaka
    lol nah I wasn't serious about the protocols.
    The 'Hahahaha' is a lil too much when something isn't so funny :P
    Thx for the applause :)

    - Karan
    Lol :D

    - Peter
    Arre..when you find something funny , you can go lol and Rofl.In fact , I 'lol' even when something isn't directly funny sounding.
    But the 'hahaha' has to be reserved for some really really hilarious stuff , right ? The kind that ACTUALLY has you laughing out loudly :P
    That's my theory :P
    family phone :D lol..I can imagine the bragging!

    - Yellow Tulip
    - Ria

    - Swats
    lol arre..why's everyone getting so serious bout chat protocols ? :P There are none basically :D Only mutually accepted understandible norms :D
    Aww thx =) There's one person on earth who thinks so :P Thank you thank you!

  6. awwwwwwwwwwww sho cuteeeeeeee :D
    and trust me i am against procols too! high five partner!
    let us beat them together :P

  7. :)

    It is so cute... what's the kid's name...?? His life is completely flowered for sure. I love him after this post...

  8. Hehe this is awww x100. :) How cute Miss better than a flower pot, thanks for sharing! <3

  9. right... i'm not sure i want to meet the 5 yr old. i don't think i can live with knowing that someone prefers a flower pot to me. ;)

  10. - AD
    Hi-5 ! :P

    - RSV
    :) lol

    - Harshita
    Oh yeah..his life is flowered , totally :)
    His name is Dhruv =)

    - Archana
    Hehe , lol :)

    - Ajai
    Did you not read properly ??
    Or should I just repeat ??
    The kid prefers me over the flower :P lol
    And well..its your loss if you don't ever get to meet the kid that I've mentioned.Now don't get me bragging :)

    - Orange*
    Heh! Kids!! >> ..I cannot tell you :D


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