Monday, October 12, 2009

A4 size chit to cheat

Nothing beats the feeling of scoring good without studying!
It used to ..sometime back..make me feel not so great.Detached.As if it were plain luck.But NO..exam results are never luck dependent , not unless the checker is half-witted to give you marks for free or its an online exam where you mark intelligent flukes.

It happened with me in 10th exams results.I scored more than that I probably had solved & I was so happy that I all I did was kept wishing the checker all the goodness in life.
I must have said a dozen time "checker k muh mein ghee shakkar" which these days I replace with "xyz k muh mein pizza , sizzler , paneer tikka , chocolate cake : one by one"

The previously written as Red As tomato with embarrassment situation ; let me elaborate :
So it was a time pass exam.Term exam in 11th grade.
Physics paper.
I have always had the great privilege of being surrounded by the mosttttt dumb exam partners EVER..who btw , I know not why , would think I know EVERYTHING.
This time , we were made to sit randomly.Like we wished.
And so , beside me was the Professional expert at cheating.
She carried chits in each exam.
Now we had this 16 mark question which was a theorem & I KNEW the answer.But since she carried that page ( from the book ) which had the theorem on it , I delightedly took over.Can you imagine ? An almost A4 size chit to cheat from ??

I was carefully managing to take a look at the chit and then I have no idea how the invigilator figured out what I had.He walked slowly towards me.And ...and..I knew I'm having a heart attack.I was so nervous , all I could do was to calculate what is the next possible thing I could do ?

DISAPPEAR off the face of earth ??? : I wish!

He asked me , "Give that to me" And I looked at him BLANK faced.

I first gave him the question paper.I mean , what else could I do ?

Then I slid the chit in my answer sheet right in FRONT of him.

Guts :P

He looked daggers at me and said , "Not this.Give me THAT"

And then..I had to give up.I gave him the answer sheet with the chit inside it.He took the chit off , returned the answer sheet & WALKED AWAY.Didn't say a word more.

I was dancing in my head at this point , lol So relieved!

BUT..ALL heads were turned in my direction.And since I was sitting at one corner of the class - it just got worse.So that was emmmmbbaaarraaasssiiinnngggg.I was literally red in the face.And the professional cheater next to me was like.."oyeee! bach gayi ! "

I was like Why ? Why did it have to be me ? I mean here the girl who cheats in EVERY damn exam isn't caught even once ( what a record she carried :P ) & I..who was cheating at full scale for the first time - was to be caught cheating so badly.

But anyway , Invigilator k muh mein choc cake! Sach mein bach gayi!


  1. hehehe:-D
    isliye kehte hain ki
    Nakal ke liye bhi akal chahiye

  2. Hehe. Sach mein bas gayi :D
    And completely agree with Ravindra.Koi A4 size ki chit leke jata hai cheating ke liye:D

  3. he he....soo sad yaar...:)..hehe..u tried with a4!!:)...

  4. Wow! Really lucky..Invigilator ke muh mein Dutch Truffle aur bournvita :P

  5. Hehe... I can never cheat! Same problem, dumb partners around and one of the first roll nos. always... *sigh!*

    Time pass exam thi isliye probably invigilator ne bhi light liya... Koi nahi... cheat intelligently ab se... :D

  6. a guy in our class tried copying from a fat guide called pradeeps.. got caught just four mins before the exam was to

  7. aur main socha karta tha ki mujhse 'achhi' cheating koi kar hi nahi sakta..

  8. main HALF mara gaya tha in almost the same case...! :)

    you were saved.. sahi main mast wala thandaaa ghee shakkar!

  9. daring hai boss.. :D

    you've atleast been caught for the 'crime' you've committed.. well, crime is too big a word.. :P mera toh aisa hua hai - the one ahead of me copied and the teacher caught me.. :P mera toh bad luck hi kharaab hai.. :(

    and yeah, when you're replacing all that ghee shakkar with pizzas and sizzlers, one by one :P, also add-on some Hajmolas.. :D

    loved this post.. ;)

  10. oh wow thats brave. I have made chits and cheated too, bcoz gurls were never checked!! :P

  11. May god send clones of this invigilator in ever possible exam rooms on earth :)
    And your friend did not get caught because woh professional cheater thi bhai :P

  12. It's time I stop showing off my cheating skills and learn stuff from you :P

    one A4 sheet to go please! =)

  13. U shud have wished Invigilator k muh mein "SUGAR CUBES" :P

    I am very bad in cheating still I have manged to cheat the whole papers whenever i had the opportunity, The Engineer I am !

    We always used to sit roll number wise ..and I used to copyfy from the gal whoz ID was just before me and was small physically and huge mentally and if u know what i mean.

  14. lol
    everyone somewhere in his life time tries to cheat somewhere.

  15. I'm sure the other girl has had so much practice in cheating that she has it down to a fine art, hence, never gets caught! Sad for you though, but it's also a little funny, hehe, it's always the newbie that attempts something for the first time that gets caught. :P


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