Thursday, October 22, 2009

Message Log 4

1] What's the difference between people who pray in the Church and those who pray in casino ?
> Those in the Casino...are more serious ;)

2] What's Globalisation ?
> Diana's Death > An English Princess with an Egyptian boyfriend in a German car driven by a Dutch driver crashes in a French Tunnel while being chased by Italian paparazzi on Japenese bikes !

3] Where was love invented ?
> In CHINA > Chale toh chand tak

... nahi toh shaam tak :P

4] A mind blowing Fact : No matter whether guys buy 220 cc pulsars or 350 cc Royal Enfields ..It is used only to follow a 80 cc Scooty pep / 125 cc Activa ! :P

5] In a bar , one guy says to another : I slept with your mom last night.

Whole bar was waiting for the other guy's response.He laughs and says "Lets go home dad , you are drunk!"

6] What is more difficult ?

Getting a pregnant woman in Nano car

OR getting a woman.. pregnant in the Nano ?

7] When you have done something wrong and you are in trouble > Go to your parents for a sound advice.'ll get..

99% Sound ,

1% Advice :P

8] Mom of the Millineum >

A girl tells her Mom : I want some Fresh Air. Can I go for a walk ?

Mom : Alright..but ask your Fresh Air to leave you home by 9 ;)

9] Some of the Best Moments : To laugh untill it hurts your stomach

To wake up & realize its possible to sleep a couple of hrs more

to clear you last exam

Unexpected calls at the midnight which last for hrs

To see an old friend & feel things haven't changed

to hear a song that makes you remember a special person.

To have somebody who tells you that he/she missed you a lot.

10 ] Height of fashion ? > Dhoti with a zip

Height of secrecy ? > Offering blank visiting card

Height of craziness ? > Photocopying a blank paper

Height of stupidty ? > Looking through a keyhole of a glass door :P

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I didn't want to post a message log so soon but this being my 101th post since Dec'07 , I wanted it to make for a good read.I have so much to share , I feel like writing all day long.My theories are doubling everyday & I have a lot of other random things to mention.Wanna finish up transferring these pack of thoughts on here , asap!


  1. Aha! Someone's going random and is doing a great job :P Guess who? YOU!

    The Nano bit was well.. AHEM! =)

    ROFL @ blank visiting card =)
    The other two points are crazy & stupid :P But you know there are people who actually do that :| Not me, but people :|

  2. i want to know which girl agreed to get pregnant with a guy who owns a nano..,most frwds i got

  3. Hahah I had a good laugh over this post. :) Lol @ the Nano, you never know some people get creative in ways unimaginable. As for the sound advice, that's kinda really true. And mom's of the millennium, gotta love them. <3

  4. LOLing messages these are! :)) Have read quite a few of them, but the Nano one is new, and awesome! Whoever put his/her brains into it... kudos! :D

    Sigh! at Best Moments... :)

  5. Hilarious post... :)
    Enjoyed a lot... :)

    And congratulation on completion of your 100th post... :)

    Keep writing :)

  6. Loads of them every time many friends do u have ?
    congrats for crossing 100 wala landmark, just wait for 2 more years i will be doing it too !

  7. 8] Mom of the Millineum >

    A girl tells her Mom : I want some Fresh Air. Can I go for a walk ?

    Mom : Alright..but ask your Fresh Air to leave you home by 9 ;)

    LOL....(i am useing this praise for the first time in life...)

  8. Hehe.. Mom of the millennium is too good :D

  9. SMS messages have become a rarity now a days with me! :-(

    thanks for sharing some brilliant stuff.. Not mentioning Nano one, all of them are worth forwarding! :)

  10. Vasco di Gamma is on her way.
    done a :) job


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