Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Default equations

Oversmart = Stupid
Have two dozen medals/certificates to show off ..and yeah that hell as might be 'intelligent' , but in the end if you're oversmart + weird , you are stupid.
Therefore , K - you suck!

I'm so glad I could say this after all these years.
I always thought it sucks when my opinion about you flips every now & then.I mean yes , EVERY time.
But I've figured it out ( finally ) that I'm not to be blamed of being fickle minded or of having varied opinions if you're a CHAMELEON!

M you suck too! Ek reason ho toh bataon ? You just suck.Without knowing you or knowing you little that I do , I can say so.
Because weird = weird.
Nobody can do much here!

This is the default list.
I'm gonna put more people in my list who suck so that I can chuck them out of my life.

I'm quite miserable these days but do not intend to make others around me miserable .Therefore I don't talk much.Not of my problems.Everyone has problems.And add mine to that..its like evergreen problems.Gum like.No solution.Life se chipki huyi.
Fevicol ka jod :P

Haha.I'm laughing right now which is good.Because when I intended to shower my misery on my blog - I was assuming it to be highly sad.
Maybe the chocolate fantasy I just had at ccd is making my day.
And also talking my heart out with T.
Feeling good momentarily.

STILL.I have to keep reminding myself that I don't have to feel bad with whatever it is.
With whoever it is.I have to tell myself to be composed.If not calm.
And I also have to scream to myself : not to get attached.Not again.For no reason :
Expectations I keep.It only sucks when my imagination gets 'pathetic'.I weave wonderful stories.That's where it gets pathetic , specially since none of that is going to be true .
So naive of me.

Anyway , penning this is such a liberation.

And I also have a theory on pampering :
It feels incredibly great - to be pampered.But don't pamper someone so much that they become habitual to it.Don't make it a habit for them.Because some day when ya stop , it hurts.It bloody hurts a lot.
I feel , its somewhere equivalent to betraying : when you stop.Untill then its probably heaven.
Therefore , Do not pamper much.Limits.
And if it is so..then for the being-pampered party , I have an advice : Don't pay much attention.
Know to keep all the heart-breaking bullets at a distance.
Resistance is necessary.


  1. what a whine...
    or is it?

    come off it lady..

  2. Nice introspective post.. :)
    Well, I feel, penning our thoughts is the best way to deal such conditions.. :)

  3. Not a whine :| I don't think so.
    Just blabbering actually!

    Penning such thoughts just helps you laugh at them which is kinda refreshing.

    I cannot relax.Not anymore.I'm quite relaxed , already.

    I think I wanna cuss.

  4. Blogging can heal sometimes,haina!!
    When I feel frustrated, I blog and voila, I am back to feeling good.

    Do K and M know that they are being called K and M here :)

  5. - Karan
    Yup blogging is very refreshing during annoying times :-)

    K & M have no idea about this blog.If they were reading , I guess they wld have known I'm talking about them.

  6. Umm, I'm feeling kinda scrunchy too! Writing helps.

    About K & M : They better do something to get your mood straight :P because it seems they are on thin ice!

  7. You know what. I am thinking of 'K' and 'M' of my life here:D
    Can I say it here? 'G' .. you suck! You really do! I just hate you! I just can't stand you!
    Oh I feel so light! Really. Blogging does help :D
    I just loved this post of yours :D

  8. well.. first time I read it, I was confused all through.. so read it again and got it..

    somehow I felt something unusual in this post.. the kind of moments when you are too sad but still manage to smile.. :|

    what's with the world!!?? everyone's life revolving around the same subject..

    and keep penning.. besides being a window of your thought, it also makes me ponder over certain things.. :P

  9. Oh thank god there is no, A or P.
    I am happy :D

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Arrey it is ok re... take it out of your system, you'll feel feather lite... :D :D

    OK hai... bas keep resistance ki value at an optimal level, just to allow enough conductance ;)

  12. C'mon..spill it out here!!It really helps!!will do good to you too...

  13. dat was smeting negative coming out frm the positive u!!! now i can understand wat bored u must be sweetie!!!! get geared with your drivng classes!!! dey are a nice vent fr agression!!! go hit sme1!!! :P :P :P :P


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