Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Must you Know

1] You know what fire in your stomach burning through your chest means ..when
a ) your best chums makes better friends.
b) you are subtly kicked from the 'best buddy' frame after the buddy in the frame owns a bf.
Lesson : Never take best friends for granted.Never ever!

2] You must know you are being innocently mean & sweet at the same time.. when..
You fight with your spoon to have the larger chunk of the choc cake which you are sharing with your friend.
Lesson : Just take action.Eat fast.Eat really fast - with other eatables as well.It gives the impression that you usually eat fast & that's why even if you've eaten the major portion of the cake - its understood :P

3] You must know that you're fantastic ...when..
You don't feel like punching your close friend for concealing a secret for 4 goddamn weeks!
You instead laugh.
Conclusion : No big deal.Better late than never!

4] You realize what tearing your soul apart means
When you are ridiculed by your near & dear ones.
Reaction : Love them , still.

5] You get to know what being as red as tomato with embarrassment means ..when ..
you are caught cheating in a time pass exam in a class of some 70 students , half of which have this vague illusion that you are intelligent.
Lesson : Relax! Time pass exam.Cheat smartly next time.And clear all myths

6] You know you are a music-crack-pot ..when..
You have sleepless nights because of the lyrics playing at the back of your mind.
Lesson : Give music a break for a while.

7] You firmly believe that there is a spy blogger gadget ..when...
Someone or many-some post a thought of yours that's laying neatly into your drafts since ages.
Lesson : Post spontaneously.Don't keep drafts!

8] You get know how much you love a language.. when..
All you do is fit as many phrases & idioms you can in as many situations you counter.
Conclusion : you drink , eat , sleep , dance language.

9] You know what butterflies in your stomach are..when..
Do I even need to mention when ?
Lesson : Deception point.Do not rely.

10] You must know that you're getting ridiculously hyper when
You speak nonsense at length = you speak things you actually don't believe in!
Lesson : Don't be over-yourself.

11] You know you're being a saint when..
You let the other person boast about some of their possessions when you can brag twice as much!
Lesson : Flaunt what you have! Spell it out! Stop downplaying!

12] Know that you're shameless & funny when..
You laugh seeing others cry on a wedding at the time when the bride is being bid farewell.
Conclusion : You like weddings only for the food, clothes & the other nice ppl you get to meet :P
Who gives too hoots about the 'vidai' ?

13] You must consider your instinct which is asking you to stop from doing something..when..
you are too nervous & shaky + you tell yourself you are right while being too skeptical about it.
Lesson : Always follow up with instincts.

14] You ought to know that your whacky obsessions do not count for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder..
like when you wash your hands again & again or check inbox every 10 mins in hope of a new email or etc , etc , etc.
Must you learn : OCD is anything you obsessively condition yourself to , which is painful and yet gives you pleasure.Tattooing , for example.


  1. nice ....haha...loved the vidai thing.....:)

  2. he he...good one yaar...:)...specially 2nd!!...11:)...
    too good:)

  3. Good one yaar :D
    Loved 2nd , 7th and 12th

  4. Nice post!
    and vidai, who cares ... right,i mean who can even stay awake till 4-5 AM, its damm difficult,i think most of them are crying by then because of lack of sleep :P

  5. i guess that this lady drop the idea of Rage Club.
    Her madness is an example of OCD
    Right :)
    But her desires for luxuries still persist.

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  7. Hilarious post.. :)
    Enjoyed a lot...
    especially 5, 10 and 12... :)
    Keep writing :)

  8. Did u apply ur own behja in writing all these these lines ?
    If 'Yes' then it's awesome !
    If 'No' then also it's nice but f coz the credit would go to someone else :P

  9. Peter
    Yes buddy..I applied MY bheja in writing this.Unbelivable , huh ? :P
    Mera dimag bhi kabhi kabhi sensibly creative hota hai ..humesha woh puzzles & color blind nonsesnse nahi print karta :D

    So the credit goes to me ! Thanks :D

  10. Hehe...this was funnily refreshing to read :) :) :) Thanks for sharing this :)

  11. so u mean to say that i am ..what is this word??....obsessive compulsive disorder...??
    and I thought checking ,mails frequently gives an idea that u are important and busy....?

  12. Google OCD! @ R S V
    Its related to psychology.
    And I don't know why you had to link it with being busy or imp ??!?

    I guess you'll understand what am talking about once you understand what OCD is.

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  14. I got it..
    can I take this tag...plz????

  15. So random, but since my little hiatus yours is the second blog that I've seen with a new layout. :) Anyway, interesting tag. I have to agree with you on the going with your gut instinct. Mine's rarely failed me, so any time I feel a little something is off or whatnot, I just go with my feeling and hope that it works out to be a smart decision. :)

  16. I am here after a long time and what a great post!!

    well written and very refreshing! :)

  17. Hehehe.. enjoyed all through.. :D

    I now seriously think someone has a spy thought gadget.. :P I found most of it in me.. lol.. :D

    especially the 2nd, 5th, 8th ones...

    and 10th one is definitely my strongest point.. :D I am over-hyper, if at all there is a word as such.. :P

    and its fun with the 12th point as well.. its not sadistic.. :P

    How could I miss this post.. I am glad I got my eyes on this one..

    hilarious and true.. :D

  18. Whoa!

    Suga babe ..

    That was one heck of a list..
    Your blog is really one cool place!


    Loved the 'fire' analogy .. it really sears and pains :(

  19. well the posts are really awesom.. i mean i went through all and its really good.. i mean how do u get such ideas really impressed by this..
    keep it up

  20. oh my GOD! i soo agree with "being a saint"...!! i have this friend who used to brag her ass off. i stayed a saint, then couldnt take it any more! gave her a triple dose of her own medicine. shes pretty meek now! :P

    and man, both our posts are TOTALLY complementing and supplementing each other! quick thinking to give me the link!

  21. God..dat was sooooooooooooooo true.. i mean any1 can relate to it..
    # As red as tomato, apple or red chilli.. datz soo precise.. the feelin of bein caught wen u r supposed to be amongst intelli-gent/ladies is lyk u bein asked to dance lyk bipasha on beedi dat 2 on stage in front of old uncles and aNd AND dat 2 mayb on republic day...Lol

    # Weddings are actually all about clothes, food, make -up, dancin skills (untill n unless its yr 1st kin)..
    -->luv to discuss about aur log ke clothes as well!!!

    # IT is killin to c ppl commentin on kisi aur ka post which was saved in yr drafts..n usually sucha post turns out to be too famous as well! :S

    # Luv 4 laguage again very true.. bt i think 90% ppl can do dat only in eng/ hindi or mayb deir own native language..no1 can do dat in any oder learnt language i guess!

    PS- I think i can go on discussin dis post bcz its AWE-some! Luvd the way u've presented it.. beautifully written! :-)

  22. hey ,
    i finally got to read this :D

    sexy yaar... my sexy haha

    2 thumbs up :)

  23. everybody must must know all these ;) nicely written.


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