Monday, October 26, 2009


=> I cannot dance like no one's watching.Because even when I'm dancing alone - I look at myself into the mirror which means that I'm watched by someone and that makes me conscious.I just am not able to dance in front of the mirror and its bothering me.The second reason being that I just realized I don't dance so well.Dancing was one of those things I always held high about me and I'm quite shattered to know I'm not so good at it.
Saw the video of my cousin's wedding where I danced.I was terrible.I couldn't believe my hand moments were such a mess.
No wonder why set B of my cousins never force me to dance , lol.
However Set A cousins always drag me to dance and shower a lot of praises that explains why I over-estimated my dancing skills.

=> One of my close friends hops down to Mumbai every weekend & will continue hopping for few months which is making me feel bad.I told her how my weekends are gonna be dry to which she said her weekends are going to be extra dry - only studies.
And then I said "No! Away from home is Rain dance!" :D
I wonder why that didn't make her laugh because otherwise she laughs on every second thing I say , because otherwise we both laugh on every second damn thing.

=> Spilling cold water on face every now & then is refreshing.But brushing teeth in a smilar pattern can also make you feel extra fresh.Sometimes I happen to brush my teeth thrice a day.
Oh and I love how colgate tooth powder tastes.

=> I'm tired of keeping 4 different email accounts.Isn't there a way to merge them all ? Huh

=> Quenched my thrist or my thrist was quenched is the most overused phrase I've come across.Don't we have a substitute?

=> Without falling in love , I understand now what 'Don't change in love , let love change you' means.It basically hold for any kind of love.There's just a simple way to it : Don't frame how you want others to be.
Someone told me this long time back and I could never completely get the essence of it.I'm content that I do GET it now.
To add my theory on it : Save surprises in life.Because sometimes you meet people you never imagined and unknowingly you start fancying them even when those are not the kind you've ever framed in your mind - to be around with.

=> I have created a seperate blog to scribble more to avoid being judged.Its funny how this blog came into existance to be my outlet for expression and now I'm feeling the need to run away to a new place just so that I'm not read.My hideous dwelling is giving me a sense of freedom.There are some things thats cannot be left unexpressed and the kind that you don't want people who already know read.

=> I want to change my blog URL.The other day someone marked 'powerdrunk' is manly , lol.No wonder it scares a lot of people + I wonder why I ever chose that :|
And then I want my Set A cousins to read my blog too which means that some stuff from here needs to be edited , and some more to be shifted to my other blog.

=> I don't think I'll get over the remixed version of the song 'summer jam' ( which happens to be almost a decade old ) even by the time winter is gone.

=> If you haven't read Message Log 4 as yet >> its your loss :P

This is such a non hyper , non depressing post.Normal.I like myself for that.


  1. It is normal and covers all the topics in the world.

    Who said Powerdrunk is manly ? :P :O

    Set A cousins and Set B cousins ? and u are the result of the intersection of both the SETS, eh ?

    The day I see myself Dancing, I would commit suicide. I am the benchmark for the worst dance category.

  2. I looove... these normal rants...
    now I am thinking why my cousins force me to dance whenever there is a chance, :)

  3. change ur url to sugarcube....will seem girly then..:P...i always enjoy watching a good dance but i hate dancing....u r right about having a blog which only u can rant about in the sense that if u cant vent that out then u will end up hurting urself....make it protected blog na...phir koi tension nahi...:)

  4. 4 different email accounts?! Oh wow, that must be a little hard to juggle, lol. I have two, and that's enough for me. One for all my personal stuff, and the other for blogging. Before I had both my personal and blog updates all come to the same one, but I couldn't handle waking up every morning and having to weed through comment moderations to find actual emails from friends, lol. How do you do it woman!

    As for dancing, it's something I've always loved doing. :) Though there have been moments when I watch a old home video and wonder why on earth I thought a particular dance move was cool when I did it, haha.

  5. Aaj sab normal waali baatein kyun kar rahe hain... xams make me abnormal :(

    What is set A and set B?? Maternal and paternal? :-s

    Powerdrunk toh achha hai... u could be drunk with anything... thoughts, ideas, opinions, kuch bhi!

    Even I sometimes prefer my cousins not read my blog these days... :-ss

  6. Haha.. I don't see myself dancing. I don't want to. I come under Peter''s category. I'll commit suicide if I see myself dancing :D

    4 email accounts ! I have just 2- yahoo and gmail. And I just can;t handle these 2.. How do you handle all 4

    Yaar I'm also thinking of making a personal blog... I actually have it but haven;t used it..

  7. Awww..

    Sugar cube,
    Isnt'that but natural? We CRINGE when we watch ourself on a video tape, HATE to hear our voice when it's recorded.. it's all part of the 'why do I look/sound so different' phase.. ehehheeh ..

    I say chuck it ...
    Dance like no one's watching :D

    It's all in the head :)

  8. that was probably super-normalization.. :P

    and the need to make another blog also struck me some time ago.. I agree to what you say.. but then, venting out your thoughts on your blog with full freedom is what matters.. and believe me.. instead, people who know you will get the right signals.. ;)

  9. yep thats a normal post indeed. :) Thats wht i call the vagaries of life.

  10. when I first read visited ur blog i thought u r powerfully drunk 7 days a week and found it so cooool!! :)

    If you think u danced bad, watch any punjabi shaadi baaraat :P I think people dancing in there epitomize the phrase "dance as if no one is watching" or may be "Bhaad mein jayee duniya, Asaa te nachege" (punjabi for hum to nachege)!!

  11. majority people do not dance properly and do not know how to dance.

  12. - Peter
    Someone said.Not you :P
    Heh heh..yeah I'm the common element of Set A & Set B
    lol @ benchmark for worst dance category
    And thats how I'm getting suicidal , now that I've seen myself dancing :|

    - RSV
    No these weren't rants :| why is it ?

    - Kaka
    lol I was thinking of the same.
    Hmm yep the blog has a secret url , so its protected :P

    - Arch
    Oh thats just too much to handle.
    lol yeah..I had to create the 3rd one for the blog itself.
    Haha ..yeah I can totally understand that.That's exactly how I felt when I watched the vid.

    - Akansha
    Yep! Set A maternal ; Set B Paternal =)
    Hmm yeah drunk with thoughts etc ..but the 'power' thing gets a little over the top :P

    - Ekam
    Lol Ekam!
    I don't know how I'm managing 4 diff email a/cs :|
    Hmm I think you must use it often.Personal blogging has its own charm

    - Sukhada
    lol =) Yeah I guess its natural but when you don't expect it to be so bad - its quite a shocker.
    Hehe yeah its all in the head
    Thx girl!

    - SD
    Lol super normalization :P
    Yeah that's right SD.But sometimes you just can't afford to make certain things readable to others.

    - Ria

    - Karan
    lol @ powerfully drunk 7 times a day!!
    Haha @ bhaad mein jaye duniya :D

    - SM
    Hmm well that's not the point.
    I don't care about others.I always loved dancing , so I ought to be good @ it.

  13. my real world is world apart and hence no friends i meet have the time or interest in what i write!

    sad i m now!

  14. hahaah!!! i was so shell schocked by the amount of traveling i had to undergo dat al your PJs seemed too dry fr me to laugh at!!!! but now dat i sit and read ur post im laughing out madly!! juz the normal self!!!

    SHIMS SHIMS!! gonamiss u and our weekends together so much!!! bhuuuhuuu!!! bye my dear!!!! take care!!!

    P>S mumbai guys are good luking!! esp d ones i travel in bus wid!! :P :P :P

  15. - A D
    uh thats weird :|
    Don't be sad! We're here read your wonderful write-ups :)

    - Donna
    Oye..that wasn't a PJ for one.Secondly , yeah thx for laughing out finally :D
    thirdly.. am gonna do sumthg bout my weekends minus our gupshup.
    lol @ the PS. Tu wahan gayi kyon hai ?? Focus on German !

  16. lady ur SOH is really high....
    n ur narration skills r excellent.


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