Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stupid + Kickass = Fun

Before the hangover dawns over me & I sulk...I'd better scribble things with the exact amount of bottle full of excitement ,  hyper-ness , happiness and having fun -  right as I drank it moments ago.

It was my friend Kunal's bday yesterday [ 11th Jan ] and am only going to talk about the bday gift.
Never in my life have I spend so much time and effort in arranging a b'day gift.

It all began in morning.20th Birthday.So Rads , RT and myself decided to gift him 20 different things.
Since we were tight on budget ..we decided to gift him 20 stupid things.
Smart , aren't we ? :P

- Rads made a bag out of handmade paper and just because we cldn't find all 20 things in time that we had  listed  - we tagged the bag as a part of gift.
See I said we are smart.

- Kunal has a habit of calling anyone randomly Zandu Balm.lol
I guess he uses that as a substitute for tube light or dumbo.
So there we had it.Zamdu balm for him :D An actual one.
With every gift we added a caption/tag line.
For this we wrote the advertisement song of the product. :D

-  he says tube light a bit too often , so we added a bunch of fibre bulbs to the bag
Tag Line : Do you know you are combination of tiny tubelights ? :P

- Rads told me he showed off his electronic brush to her once which he got from London.
So she suggested that we give him an Indian brush :D
Colgate toothbrush.
Tag line : Indian brush for Indian stay.
He gave a colgate smile after seeing that =)

- He recently said he doesn't comb his hair.Dunno why : |
Tag line : Atleast comb your hair now! ( If you have any :P )

- He could drink tea all day.
A small pack of Tea
Tag Line : OMG! You have an addiction!
[ His reaction to this was simply great.Proudly approved ]

- Loves Ferro Rochers.
A small pack again.
Tag Line : Unche log , unchi pasand
[ He always comments dramatically..."Ahh...you big people" .
So there we made it even with the tag :P ]

- The 4 of us happened to talk about bournvita/horlicks/boost etc few days back and as it came out he seemed to like bournvita just too much
A pack of Bournvita
Tag Line : Bournvita Boy!!

Kellogg's Chocos.
[ We got him something else instead of the chocos that he usually eats ]
Tag Line : Koi nahi...kha le kha le.

- A black belt
Tag Line : Its high time you stop using the red one.
lol the funny part is he was wearing the red belt during the bday celebration.

- He grew a beard few weeks back though he usually doesn't do that.But anyway..we got another point :D 
Shaving cream
Tag Line : Please shave and help us recognize you!

- A scrapbook with its cover reading :  
 Kool Knucklehead
 Uniquely stupid
 Naturally dumb
 Adorably devil
 Legendary Fool

- Pickle
Tag Line : Aao banaye..Khakre aur Theple behter :P

-Red Rose
Tag Line : Don't forward it to any of your girlfriends!

- A Pillow.
This was Radz and RT's idea.
Rads told me that RT got a pillow instead of soft toy and that the pillow was of cow's shape :O
Then when he unwrapped the gift..it looked like a tortoise.But RT still claimed that it was a cow since  there were horns on the head.Lol
Tag Line : We decided to do something great on your birthday.So we are having you put to sleep :P

- A coffee mug with his sun sign embossed.
Tag Line : Ahh finally a gift.We aren't that bad afterall!

- Since its the season of Kite flying..we gave him 3 Kites and wrote our entire list of gifts over it , warned him never ever to tear that off and also asked to keep it as a souvenir :P

 - 3 things were still on balance.So we wrote over the kites :
Oye! What are you still looking for ? Why do you have such three wonderful friends for ?  :D
Quick stick idea.

On such short notice..I mean all of this was decided , bought and arranged yest itself - we did a good job.Sure we could have added a lot more stuff that could have been of more use but overall , giving to his likes /dislikes and all that we know about him - the gifts were perfect! :D

Thing we couldn't find on time were -  those chocolates in the form of cigarettes to tease him [ since he abhors the idea of smoking ] A can of red bull.
He's too much into planes and we aren't experts to design planes and create models like him ..therefore we had thought of giving him a toy aeroplane.

The most amazing part was to shop for all of these things and add tags to them.I mean the heights of stupidity was discovered when we were debating over the taglines!
I was explaining something to RT about how the messages are to be added/not to be added in the scrapbook.When I stopped explaining , she said "Ok nice..so we'll do it" At the same time I said "Yeah..so that's not the way we have to do it"
I could write a book on her.She is that much of a character =) A really funny one.

Stupid gifts idea is FUN- Kisi ki kheechni ho toh:D
Kunal is lucky to have friends like us.


  1. so here you are.. enjoying your days to helm..
    wonder wat was all that cribbing about over boring weekends sans me and tejal...:P :P :P

    KUNAL RADS and RT... are the very solutions to enjoyment!!!! :P :P

  2. You guys are amazingly, stupidly, craziliy creative ;)

  3. @DONNA
    hw can othrs understan u if u cant on ur own!!
    ur literal wrk is nice n ur STRICTLY GIRLS post is veri-veri nice...XD
    HATS OFF 4 U
    i jus cant restrain me to put a comment 4 u here.

    my blessings 4 u.

  4. ok now my profession is all about writing taglines and doing ad copies. my God was this a highly related post!

  5. OMG !!
    This Proves either you spend a lot of money and save your time or you spend a lot of time and save your money.

    Both are acceptable and people who spend both of them are actually losers :P

    I liked Zhandu balm wala the most ..waise Spelling mistake hai Post mein :-s

    great kickass start :)

  6. Ey there, the name of your blog intrigued me SO much that I just had to drop in for a peek! Im glad I did cause it's pretty awesome :) thoroughly enjoyed readin' it!
    Drop down to my page sometime : )

  7. Okay,so I figured it makes more sense to follow your blog ;)
    Would love to keep in touch with you!
    Hope you do too ^_^
    See you with your next post! ;)

  8. awesome idea ...

    m sure .. that guy will have received best gift ever .. :)


  9. wow!!those were some lovely gifts. :) And yes he's lucky to hav u guys as friends.

  10. Cuteeeeee.....!!
    Kunal's lucky to hav frnds lyk u!!!:)

  11. Amazing!

    hehe.. you people must have great fun thinking over the gifts, buying them and later presenting them.. did u click Kunal's reactions or not?

    Happy belated bdday to him and wow. and best wishes to ur friendship!

  12. - Donna
    This wasn't on weekend ! But yeah the weekend did go well unlike how I expected it to :)

    - Karan
    :) thank you :D

    - Ravindra Merthi
    Thx from Donna

    - AD
    We used a lot of product punch lines.Kinda molded them to suit us.

    - Peter
    lol :D hehe
    Oh han..I must have read this 5 times after publishing but didn't quite notice the typo :P Thx..will correct that

    - Nil
    Thanks Nil :)
    Will catch up with you blog too.

    - Sau
    yup =)

    - Sorcerer
    Thank you!

    - Ria
    yuppie !

    - Jaunty
    Hehe..yeah he is :P

    - SM

    - Abhinav
    Hehe..yes we had a hell lot of fun while deciding all of this!
    And yes..we did click most of his reactions =)
    Thank you thank you :)

  13. @ravindra!!!

    whow!! thanx a tonn!!! i huess ur te first opposite sex specie to have liked STRICTLY GURLS!!!
    am happy!!! :)

  14. ma pleasure\o/

    btw first opposite sex specie
    AFAIK i m d product of ma Mom n ma Father..so i have d genes of both.
    So why nt i like tht???

  15. @ravindra

    im not thnking much on HOW or WHY u liked it!!!!

    UR the first of the MALES to have liked it and im happy... :)

    mmmm abut sharing ur folks genes..
    i guess at a time only one combination of gene is active!!!! u cant have both your dads and your moms gene active simultaneously!! :P
    (see i do pay attention in BIO classes).... :P

    ways keep visiting!!! ill keep updating!!!! :)

  16. Hello Sugar Cube,

    I searched for blogs from India and somehow noticed your blog.

    This kind of birthday gift is creative and personal.
    Anyone can buy just a expensive thing, which I personally do not like. Good Gifts need inventive work and smart friends.

    Have a good day,

  17. - Konstantin Vakulenko
    Hello! Yes it is true..great gifts require a lot of application of mind and when you truly care for someone ..all you want is to do something special for them :)

    Thank you for dropping by.


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