Friday, November 12, 2010


Singh Is King
All the Best

I haven't seen all that crap.
I would rather watch an old movie twice ( the one I like ) than spending over such bullshit. But then , I went to see Golmaal 3 ( and previously dabangg as well - for which I didn't pay :P so I don't count it )
The first half bored me. The second half made me laugh in instalments at the stupidity. No real humor! No wise cracks. Bekar! [ I was told the movie is awesome !! ]

The funny part about these movies isn't that they are ridiculous -- its that somebody on earth could even think of it!!  

Note : You can still watch golmaal 3. I just can't take that kind of stuff. Maybe you won't find it bad.

--- I spent 600 bucks in two days on movie , popcorn , diet coke , subway sandwich , chilli paneer and fuel :P Its not a good thing!! What happened to being miser ?? :P
I'm running out of my saved money ( Saved is all that I was given for shopping - over few months! - or income earned from several wonderful Indian traditions  :D  ..all of that which I never spent )

I'm waiting for Due date & The Social Network to release.


  1. I downloaded Golmaal 3 ... and couldn't even survive the first 20 minutes... sheer torture it was !!!
    SOcial Network is a MUST WATCH ! its awesome.. I loved it . Hope you like it too :)

  2. Social Network is THE movie to watch!
    just saw it...
    gonna watch due date on net 2mrw!!

    n whoa, is ur blog so academic looking or what!!!!!!!!!
    i love it though, i've got too much colours in mine. Its a refreshing change!

  3. Going for social network tomo
    already seen half of it online ;)).. but yehh 600 buks is quite a bit for golmaal 3 ;)

  4. lol.. did you say "income" earned from several wonderful indian tradtions?? LOL! Its good to spend once in a way... you need to live too, right?

  5. Yeah me too waiting for Social Network. I m glad u said what u had to abt Golmaal 3. I just dont like the pjs and bathroom humor being used in such movies these days! Wonder where did the real humor go!?

  6. I hated Golmaal 3 too! I generally make myself tolerate these kind of movies by waiting for it to be shown on tv channels or download it because I know Bollywood's notion of comedy these days sucks!!

  7. - G
    lol ya golmal 3 is a torture!
    I've heard a lot about social network. Stupid multiplexes haven't released it here :(

    - Dandelion
    umm yes this template is neat and simple.Like it more.

    - Jane
    yes it is :P

    - Ve
    Yes I said that..Any money inflow is income :P
    Its good to spend once in a while.That's why I did and liked it too :)
    Oh hey..btw do you not write a blog ? If yes , where's the link to it ?

    - Ria
    Seriously! Sabka dimag kharab ho gaya hai..kuch bhi movie banate hai :S

    - Sapphire

  8. GM-3 is a crap...have n't seen it but still its a crap..i just liked GM-1 coz it had the original caste that included Sharman Joshi n he was was gud...I am having high hopes on SLB's Guzaarish now, will be better then his Sawariya's BLACKness...

  9. noth social network and due date were worth it no?


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