Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tales to tell

My friend's friend soberly claimed that he has eaten tortoise. Another one added that turtles are tasty.Then the tortoise eater argued that turtles are never eaten.Whatever ...why were they even discussing this ?!  I was already disgusted.
Ok , I've heard all kinds of things being eaten..but tortoise ?? WTF!

And there's more. This tortoise eater guy had a friend from Nepal who used to eat dogs. The dog-eater guy told the tortoise eater about this when he was at the latter's home , playing with his pet dog :P lol

We rolled on floor laughing when we got to know that the tortoise eater's pet dog was bitten by another dog :D Hahaa! Lol..the guy sounds fun.I mean his stories does. I should talk to him more.As long as he avoids telling what all he has eaten :-|

If there's anything tortoise reminds me of ..its that when I was a kid - I used to say 'tor-to-toise'  :D Funny memory.And now am so gonna hate  the word tortoise even being mentioned because my brain will process pictures of it being served as meal :S WTF!

* more on brain. Next time.


  1. My brother and his friend once had an argument whether crocodile meat is tastier than alligator meat or not - they both had eaten the meat of both these reptiles and I was disgusted!!

  2. Yikes!! but then its not as disgusting as eating grasshoppers in Mexico!! They roast it and eat it like popcorn..

  3. While not totally appropriate to the situation, ever heard the saying 'You are what you eat'?? ;)


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