Friday, November 26, 2010


=> Why do you give a rat ass about WHY 'someone' did or said something ? Someone whom you just  know.Not even a friend! As long as it doesn't affect you directly or even indirectly ..why do you give a damn ?! Stop stupidifying others ( that's not even  a word , I know ) .
Just because you tag somebody fool , it doesn't make you any bit smarter. You're smart because you're smart and not because someone else is a fool! There's a difference  for crying out loud! :X

=> The only time I swear REAL BAD and am not at all shamed is when I drive.
The traffic is !@$%^&* and the commuters are  !@#$%^&*
Together the traffic sense is horrific !@#$%^&*

=> I was such a cry baby earlier.I went over my diary entries written five years back and I have no idea what the F is all that about! :X  Crap. Real crap.

=>  I've been working out..not consistently but working out nevertheless! Doing yoga too. I would have felt a lil bad if I were to know that I haven't lost any weight. But the fact that I've put on despite all my efforts is driving me crazy! Nothing on earth can be more annoying!!

=> I don't find The Secret applicable to my life. Whatever I've tried attracting - I've only found results to be poles apart.
Ok. . . . the truth is - I have Zero patience.

That's the difference between me and the rest of the world! Happiness isn't good enough for me! I demand euphoria!


  1. I also swear real bad when I am driving!!

    I totally understand how annoying it is when u put on weight when u are working out!! those days I feel like hacking up my weighing scale:-)

  2. Hmm...happens!! I am always at loggerheads with the weighing machine.

  3. need to start working out:(..myself.. hmmm have you tried swimming?!...traffic...well i have jus got used to it... cod relate to u so easily gal:)...take care and all the best...

  4. Loovvvvvvveeee Calvin's take on happiness. So much optimism there!

    Ur right, it shouldnt matter what others are saying as long as it doesn't concern us! But if we stopped minding things, we'd be divine. We'd be God. :P
    Maturity is a knowledge in wich we're still jus ankle deep...der's a whole body left, n a whole lifetime too =]

  5. STUPIDIFY is a word, n i hate kno-it-alls who do it- tehy deserve the SLAP..
    n well, the weight thing- i actually get it, n i have nooo idea y i just dont get there- weight only seems to eb pilin on.. but i think its teh junk i just binge on when i wanna digress.. hmmmph


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