Sunday, March 14, 2010

Short Surprise

Just when I was calculating the rate of surprises in my life (  being surprised to be specific ) and the calculation showing a negative figure with me sulking over the same ---- just then , I was  surprised. Couldn't get better!

One of my fav cousin.( although I think ALL of them belong to the same category ) - came down here for 3 days w/o letting me know of his arrival in advance.
Two of them.Needless to mention - I had a blast =)

> We saw three movies back to back in 3 days.
Maut ke Farishtey :P [ Legion ] which I found scary :|
Road , Movie  - Disaster! When the movie ended , I wondered if they still have few prints to roll.Or that there was some kind of technical issue.But that was the end.And there was nothing more to watch which didn't make much sense to me.
Alice In Wonderland - which made for a good watch.
Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter is wonderful.Although I never get what he speaks :P
The Red Queen's "Off with her Head" dialogue makes you grin.Fantastic character to watch.Helena Bonham Carter was simply excellent !
Also loved this dialogue by the Hatter which went something like -
If you dream of me being half mad , then you must be half mad!   Correction , anyone ? 

> I don't think I'll be eating popcorn anytime soon.I've had SO much of it.

> Mom cooked the best meal till date.It was just so perfect and the fact that I wasn't even a 0.001% help to her - made it difficult for me to eat but I couldn't hold onto such penance for a simple reason that scrumptious food isn't meant for sacrifice !

> G is as adorable as always.The more time I spend with him..the more I admire him.Ankit was more easily adjustable to , since the last time.

> I took these hookah crazy guys to Mr Beans which is the only hookah joint we have here.They found it nice.I found it strange that they found it nice :| But then they explained how the sitting arrangement was cool and different unlike those innumerable places in Pune.
"Success trip" , I said :P

> Of course , I had a drag or two which made me dizzy.
Like G says it - Kick lagi gayi :D

> G got his hard drive :D And I copy pasted all the movies he had. Been waiting forever to get movies from someone.
Therefore , honestly , this was the best part :D apart from the fact that I watched movies at a stretch in a long long long time =)

Surprises are one of the best shortest elements in life to experience.Maybe that's the reason it happens only once in a while.



  1. So many things are happening in ur life thats why u don't come online much, now I know :P

    u had hukkah ? Power one or the executive one ? I had it 2-3 times recently ,,,and i am still exhaling :-s

  2. Mannn..

    Cousins are the best part of life =]


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