Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exam Talks

My friend Rads never pick up the phone.She would either be on her way to coll or home when any of us call her.And she doesn't even bother to call back after seeing dozens of missed calls and messages! The other day I tried my luck and she 'accidentally' picked up the phone , just after two rings.
I was tempted to ask her how come there were changes in her call taking protocols.

"Yaar..I keep cell near me during exams.Pata chala paper postpone ho gaya toh koi inform toh kar de"
lol :)

This is just one of the things.The exams have just begun , and we are already planning what we are going to do on the last day of the paper ;) Its kinda funny.

And then the other day .. I was highly irritated after studying the same thing over and again when my friend asked me 'what else' , I said -
"Yaar..can't wait for the exams to END"
" They haven't even STARTED yet!"

lol :) Kinda cracked me up.

We can be so hopeless.Wanting for exams to end even before they have commenced.

Hopelessly expecting for the exams to get canceled.

And discussing everything else on earth which ain't even remotely close to exam.

And here's a text message I got few days back :
The most ridiculous thing a student can ever ask to another student.
"I have finished all the studies!
Have you ?!"
lol :)

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  1. Lol.. All students are lyk dat.. V plan the post exam fun way too early.. n the text reminds of dis..
    A student texted other frnd " Exam ki saari taiyaari ho gayi hai, pencil box, uniform, school bag, best wishes...bas ab padhna baaki hai!"..
    (Datz too common. u must hv heard


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