Saturday, March 6, 2010


I played Holi after some 5 or 6 years and it was just GREAT!
Ours wasn't a violent Holi , something I define as the one where all sorts of colors are smudged upon tidy faces giving no chance to the victim to run away.
No we don't do that.

Instead , we hit each other with water balloons :D which hurt like hell.

We were 5 of us and got ourselves divided into two teams 4-1!
My team was Fantastic 4 and our opponent - the sole member of his team - was named Home Alone team :P
And this entire water balloon fight was named Balloony Tunes! :D

For the record , Home Alone team won ! :o


I saw Teen patti which is a slutty movie.Seriously sick.
No base.Random.Poor presentation. Poorly crafted sentiments.
21 was so snazzy.Dazzling.Teen Patti ain't even 1/100th of it.

As for Karthik Calling Karthik...I found it OK.They had a good subject to tip on.Although it wasn't much of a suspense to me as I've previously read a lot about Alter Ego , thanks to the movie Fight Club.
Have always been fascinated with that topic + having had watch the movie with my psychology friends knowledge was only updated.
My friend told me that there was a case somewhere abroad where a woman had 100 different personalities :|
Scary , ain't it ?

When we were watching KCK , my friend and I said in unison , that its alter ego
It ain't important but just to note - I then told her after my...ahem..*analysis* that the protagonist is recording his own voice.
I was so proud to figure that out :P
Unfortunately ..I couldn't ruin the climax for my other friends.
How I wish I could do that!

I've already been a quite movie spoiler earlier.
It works this way - If its suspense : let the cat out of the bag.
In case of a much awaited movie on the go : give a false storyline.
An invitation to all sorts of abuses and death threats :-)


  1. Claps 4 Home Alone tEam

    Border popped in ma mind

  2. I have realized over a period of time ..and after reading ur several posts that u write small small things in such a nice way that I can almost imagine it :)

    My holi was dry as usual ..and then I Saw KCK too ..for a moment I thought ..he is dreaming or there is some ghost in the movie :|


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