Monday, March 22, 2010

mental blogsphere

I'm a victim of mental blogging.
Oodles of sentences / catchy self made phrases flow through my head while am mentally blogging.But the same never seems to transpire over my electronic personal page.And give to that , this annoying PC which faints off every 15 mins blocking the transfer process of thoughts from my head to the fingertips desperate to thump the keyboard!

And now that the PC is back to its normal senses , I don't remember half or even 1/4th of the things I wanted to blog about.

When you want  to write down hundreds of things - you do not manage to have the time/resource/device for it.
And when you do have the time to blog - you have no freaking idea WHAT to blog.
Such is blog life! :P

I miss my mentally blogged posts though.

Anyway , on a different note all together -
I so very much love the following PostSceret from this week -

                                                [ ]


  1. now that was a new thing for me....mental blogging!! :)

  2. Lol! This is so damn true! When i'm completely free and want to blog, i have no idea what to post about :P

  3. happens with everyone
    time to time
    good luck


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