Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting to Know ??!

Ever wondered HOW you and your best buddies became the most nondetachable souls ?

I bet there's no answer to this and I've figured why ..why is it that you never realize how  you've become so close to someone without ever planning it in advance.
Of how you CONNECT so well.
Of why it doesn't happen between you and everyone else that you know.

And know what ? Its because you never deliberately try to 'GET TO KNOW' after you've crossed the comfort level stage.

You let it happen all by itself.

Take for example the virtual world.The more effort you make into asking each other 'about themselves' , the more the chances it wouldn't strike.
You understand a person BETTER when you know them through natural conversations.Something that happens in friendships with our best buddies.

Do you remember ever initiating the first talk with your friends ( who now are the best ones ) by asking them "Tell me about you?"
Or asking their Favs ??

NO! A spontaneous natural conversation is all that did the magic.

And that's why you know more about each other through the other talks that you've had than directly asking them about those respective topics.

Funnily , sometimes you do not know of ALL of their true likings and dis likings.And its perfectly allright.

 I strongly feel one must not try too hard to GET TO KNOW the other person.

Move with the flow.And you'd never know how much you do know =)


  1. oh so u hav changed ur blog link, and here i was wondering that u hav left blogville. How r u gurl!?

  2. it can work both ways. :) no matter how long a list of 'getting to know you' questions you have, there'll always be delightful things that you discover by chance :D

  3. - Ria
    Yeah :)
    Am good! Exams going you been ?!

    - Ki
    Hello :)
    Yes it certainly works both ways.
    I just prefer and like the other way :)
    And like you mentioned , delightful things that are discovered by chance - THAT is unbeatable :D

  4. Very true...i agree with each n every word that u have put down here. If one pushes hard there are chances of a rapture so its best to go with the flow n be at ease.

  5. ur lil philosophy earned u a new follower :) good one here.

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