Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ringtone Blues!

Two things - One :  I set highly disturbing ringing tones for my cell phone.
Two - Am an expert at playing around with my cell with such ease that it melts within my fingers and SNAP -   it SLIPS out dropping with a thud , sometimes breaking into parts making me terrified and giving a mini heart attack only to rejoin with little scratches here and there - working condition almost perfect.

Third thing is I'm an idiot.Bloody idiot.

We were playing tennis on Nintendo Wii.My cell phone was in the right pocket of my tracks.It rang loudly
[ ringtone : The song Remember the Name by Mike Shinoda. ]
I cannot miss picking up my phone no matter what! And the ringtones I keep are the kind which make me restless if I let them carry on for few seconds.
So out of this hyper habit of mine - I pulled out my cell keeping it in my right hand along with the Wii remote.
The Wii remote has a strap attached to it which you've gotta wear around your wrist while playing.
The chance of the remote slipping out of hands is almost nil.
I don't even have to mention the chances of a cell phone dropping out  -- out of my hand.

The game was at its crux and I had to hit a shot.
What happened next is no suspense.I hit a shot ..and my cell displayed its Frisbee qualities:
flew , fell but unlike frisbee - it broke.
Thankfully it didn't  hit the TV !!

However I don't understand -

Why did I have to take out my cell ?
Couldn't I wait till the game ended ?
What's PAUSE meant for ?

Bloody hell.

All this even as am chanting : All Hail Nokia!

My cell is absolutely FINE.

Nokia Rocks!

Oh btw , Nintendo Wii is a super cool game! Scores less on graphics.Extremely good @ motion sense.

That doesn't mean I'm finding excuses to shun away from real sports.
Playing badminton and so so so loving it :)


  1. Wow! ur cell survived ur atyachar :b
    So, has mine. Thanks to nokia, no other cell can survive that so much of chipku love n atyachar :D

  2. errr....typo error.

    survive so much........

  3. This is me, ditto. My cell phone currently is in three indignant, self-concious pieces but (gratefully) fully functional :)

    It must hate me. Sigh.

    Also enjoyed reading here. Much admiration :)

  4. ha ha so u glued to ur cell phone haan!

  5. i thank almighty that i have detached myself from my phone :D


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