Monday, February 22, 2010

To do

Never take things or anybody for granted.

Stop giving too hoots about things like destiny.You have to work your a** off -- no matter what!

Re-connect with good old friends.

Stop getting sensitive about friends-for-benefit.Place them on the same level in your life.

Stop comparing.For god sake! Stop it stop it!

Work out! There's a section of wardrobe dedicated to the clothes you just cannot fit into.Work out!! At least for those clothes :|

Start studying.                                                                              
Don't be cynical.Live the good moments.Chuck the bad ones.Totally

Over thinking has never done any good to anyone.Fuse your analytical power.Use them in math instead :|

Ok..limit the list for now.

Pictures make a post lively.Late realisation.
Pic courtesy : Photobucket


  1. Hmm...gud thought for the day!!

  2. Nice, liked it :)
    And the picture is just lovely :)

  3. Good thoughts to begin with.. let us know how many u cud actually adopt :) All the best.

  4. First visit! :D
    Nice blog you have here!

    As for the list, most have been on my to do list as well.
    Let us know how many actually get done. I for one suck at it. Procrastination's turning out to be my best friend!


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