Saturday, February 6, 2010

@ 20

Suddenly life seems short after turning twenty.
Maybe twenty is just too big!

I reckon this is what entering into twenties does to you - awfully makes you aware of the 'less time' you have.

I'm least excited.Not even hyper.
Something's definitely wrong ...-- which is ( am assuming ) -- turning twenty!!

And all I know at this point of time is that : Life's unfair.Fucking unfair.

There's way too much going into my head.On top of that .. the incapability to express is making me feel emotionally handicapped.
I'd leave it all at just one best short advice to myself -

Lets Uncomplicate.


  1. Take it easy, I am 27, I still feel like 18, though everybody wants to make me feel like its already over!
    But yes its complicated, though its all in the head. Just do what yo want and you will always feel like a teen!

  2. Happy Birthday! Have fun.. lets party! thats it!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    let the changes and the complications unfold and let the known be known again!
    as within each of us...
    Everything seems contemplative, curved and confusing... but within each of it...lies the answer itself!

    tc gd bless!
    enjoy and chill...

    (another 20 yr old blogger)

  4. easy there....u hav jus turned 2o and there's a long way to go. :)

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  6. average age in india is 70. u have spent approximately one-third of your life in preperation for the next one-third, which will be spent in trying to secure comforts for the final one-third of your life...

    the conclusion is that the best part of the life begins when you enter the 50's... u r 20 years closer to that age... then why bother ? :D

  7. happy 20th love :)

    and it's absolutely normal to not get excited! take care!

  8. 20th budday ?
    Arey that makes me old :(
    u are a kiddo !!
    be happy u still have two years more to be where i am ...but yeah i am sad for u coz ..U are no more a teen :(
    Anways ..congratulations for completing two successful decades f ur life. Happy b'day :)

  9. You definately need to go through the post i just posted. Being in 20's too..i can feel it too. Though now i have learned it to manage it all well !!

    Back to your blog after long time, hope alls well :)

  10. @ Karan
    Hehe..I feel like a teen too :)
    So its just contradictory to be twenty :P The word brings along invisible responsibility & more expectations that I just cannot deal with.Still a teen at heart you see :D

    @ Abhinav
    Tankoo =)
    Sure sure ..lets party :P

    @ Pulkit
    Thx !
    Very well said.Loved it!

    @ Ria
    Long way to go..just a blocked road ahead as of now.Therefore a battle in the head!

    @ Aayush
    Lol! My god..your theories are amazing :D

    @ Orange
    Thx sweetz :)

    @ Peter
    Thanks! :)
    Ya really sad not to be teen!

    @ Rahil
    Learned to manage ?! Wow..I'll check it out :)
    Aal's well :D thx!

  11. Been there.. done that.. STAY!! :)

    There are many more beautiful years ahead.. new experiences.. new mistakes and new special somethings n someones :)

    Happy belated bday


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