Monday, February 15, 2010

Indian American & Radio Hyper

I gained a few compliments yesterday and for what ? - for hopping from one corner of the house to the other.That probably looks like a lot of work.
Served lunch to our guests without any blunder.
The thing is when you look tired and keep running around the house helter-skelter - the guests think you are  'doing a lot of work' which is really an exaggerated phrase considering the subject in question is me and of how little work I did/do.But who cares as long as it pleases mum.

The high point - apart from avoiding spilling water or colliding with furniture while walking fast -  the really funny part is how my appetite and taste buds showed their true colors.If the guests wouldn't eat the sweets I'd offer -  I would eat them up while walking back to the kitchen.I really didn't worry about the calorie intake.

Later in the evening I met K and Rads.K brought along with him his cousin from the US who fitted my every prejudiced opinion of an Indian American. I don't know his name.I forgot to ask.
I'm not a body-language-racist but if there would have been any Indian guy changing his facial expression as fast as the American desi we met did...I'd have spilled a bucket full of water over him.
Its not like I hated it..its just I found it quite peculiar of what they are.Westerners ..Americans or Brits wherever you see them - their body language is way too different , a lot of emphasis on their facial expression.And this guy..he would shrug too often , twitch his lips and speak in such a low voice that I would have to ask Rads to repeat what he said.

This is the first time I spoke to an American Desi face-to-face.Here's a snippet of our conversation which went off track.
Him : Have you been to Ahmadabad ? I like that place
Rads : Yeah
me : No
Him : Its really nice.
Rads : yeah..specially for foodies.
Him : what ?
Rads : Foodies..people who like to eat.
Him : *shrugs* That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard
I didn't know what to say.I didn't know if I should even say anything.I only wished if Rads would keep her mouth shut for some time :D You know it when a conversation isn't clicking and at that time its simply better not to go into the explanatory mode + to tell an American to visit a place in India just for the food is really ...dumb.

Then the next thing he asked was about KFC & movies.True American :D
"You've seen Batman ?"
Rads : No
"No ?? that's weird."
 I agree.That's weird :D Poor Rads

"What are you studying?" , he asked me
K : Nothing.She's doing nothing.
me : shut up.I'm into commerce
"Ah! Ok..are you doing CA ?"
K grinned.I wanted to hit him.
Rads started laughing too.I wanted to hit her as it is - so she scored double at that moment.
me : well no..I've left it.
" cousin's doing it.Its very very tough.Lot of studying"
Yeaaaaah I wanted to scream.It is tough.

Rads spoke non stop.She would interrupt when I'd say something and jump in the middle of my high quality advice or opinion.
 She's not a chatterbox - just someone who won't stop speaking or won't let the other person speak.I've decided to save her name as Radio Hyper in my cell.
Even K didn't get to talk much this time.And I was pretty sure his American cousin was bugged to death.The 'I wanna run from here' expression was quite evident on his face.

Oh and how I could I miss mentioning how he wanted to ask a girl out in the mall.
"There was this tall girl.Really beautiful.White Skin.Very hot.I wanted to talk to her"
K didn't allow him ,  I figured.
And Radio Hyper explained him why it is weird to ask a girl out - at a mall at least- in India.
He found that strange.
He asked us wouldn't we talk to a good looking guy if he approached us.
Long lecture from Radio.I didn't hear it completely
When it was my turn to answer , I mumbled "Well..I..wouldn't"
"Why ?"
"Well see the point is a really good looking decent guy won't approach a complete stranger out of the blue."
Later when I was thinking of it , I realized I gave him all wrong notions.Guys do approach girls - like specially in colleges to make friends or to talk.And then , if the guy is really cool..the girl would obviously respond :P

Overall it was nice talking to the American.He took the initiative to bring about a topic but later stayed silent since the three of us got into the 'I'll hang you upside down on the fan' crap! Thats K's patent dialogue.
I have more things to talk about the Westerners.Sometime later.More guests coming up this week..lots of work lined up for me :D And lots of delicious food that mom's gonna cook.


  1. I loved the label: Couldn't resist mentioning it :)

    And yes, tell him CA *IS* DIFFICULT!!!

  2. LOL at "I will hang you upside down on the fan's crap"
    Keep them coming!!

    And its the same in office too, people who look running here and there and busy are assumed to be ones who are working :)

  3. Lol!!
    That's the way to score those extra marks...'Keep moving' Sugar!!:)

  4. hehehe.. desi americans! :P

    I came across few angrez recently and I am sure.. handling them is easier than handling our own NRIs..

  5. i think i totally second what Abhinav has said. I hav a friend who's come down from Paris and i feel she's much easier to deal with!! :)


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