Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The animated talk.I Like.

Chaat stall
P2 : Raj-kachori ?
me : Yeah!!
P2 : meetha chahiye ? ( knows  that I want 'meetha' )
me : umm thik hai..dekh le  -sounding disinterested-
P2 : Bhaiya meetha kum karna
me :  -looking around-
P2 : chalta na kum meetha ??
me : umm han..
P2 : bhaiya thoda aur kum karna meetha
me : -still looking around-
P2 : pakka ..chalta na ?
me : han jaisa bhi tujhe chahiye
P2 : Accha toh bhaiya meetha dalna hee mat
me : *alarmed* abey oyeee..NAHI...meetha chahiye!

Lol! That cracked me up.

me : Yaar..where did P1 go ?
P2 : Phone kar na
me : 360 degree look around
P2 : call call
me : Han..woh rahi...wahan - pointing aimlessley somewhere-
P2 : Accha phone nahi karna tha isliye mil gayi woh...

P2 : Enjoyed so much today
me : All because of my presence.
P2 : oh yeah..- giving a go fly a kite look-
me : We didn't eat that stuff
P2 : I never eat so much in weddings.
me : Weddings mein aake khana nahi khaya toh phir kya kiya ?? :D
P2 : Right.Lets attack.

P1 the slow eater , the dieting babe.Strictly-no-sweets.
P1 : You all done with dinner ?
me : of course..two times over! 
P1 : Giving me the oh-I-know-you look.
me : Come on..you guys go eat! I have to leave in 10 mins
P1 : Ok
me : 30 mins for you right ?  -chuckling -
P1 : giving me the kill you looks. No!

me : hey you..( to  p1's friend ) the sweets section is right there..diagonal..Go take her there first! :P
P1 : giving me the  -I'll fry a jalebi out of you , so you better shut up-

love to tease P1 each and every time it comes to food. :D
In fact .. love to tease just anyone that I can :D
Honestly am good at it - At least with those ..jinki mai rag rag se wakhif hoon :D 

Yeah am flashing my teeth far too much.Can't help it..Really happy :D
Spending time with my two most lovable sisters makes me go on a roll.
And thankfully my birthday wasn't a disaster either.
And ..of course ..more weddings coming up.Great food basically :D


  1. Wow! You sound really happy :)

    Got a lot of catching up to do..Have fun!

  2. whoever said there is no such thing as a free meal was probbly living on an island alone....

    when i was in college, me n my room mates wud regularly go to any random wedding for free food. we scouted the streets of noida dressed in a maruti800, wearing suits waiting for a wedding :P

  3. its always a pleasure to see friends happy!! :)

  4. Lol.. loved your first part of conversation.. rofl.. :D

    well, birthday kab tha?? I hope you're actually not kanjoos.. :P bataya bhi nahi b'day ke baare me.. treat kab de rahe ho?? :P

  5. - Kasabiangirl
    Hey! How are you ? Long time!

    - Aayush
    Haha! :D Good good..tere se yehi umeed thi :P

    - Ria
    Yep :)

    - SD
    lol thank god you noticed the conv! :D
    Bday abhi 6th ko tha and no am not really kanjoos :P treat milegi na after yours :D
    hey btw did that bakra theory work to escape givin treats ? :D

  6. Wowie!!
    Dost and animated talks...Yahi hai right combo baybeee!!

    Loved it...:)

  7. INDEED receptions are meant for free lunch...
    who said there isnt a free meal...


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