Thursday, February 18, 2010

DON'T Just Read.

There's a writer in all of us.The thought is what really matters.

I love reading revolutionary write-ups.The ones that urge you to think , re-think and not just turn turtle with those thoughts..That offer a strong opinion - and inspire you at the same time.The ones that are short , direct - and even blunt if required.But absolutely true.Eye-opener.
Here's one such.
Please take out a little time and read this - don't just read - understand it.
My Name Is Khan
 "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
that’s Shakespeare's line... His time was different... Ours is different...

Who said name doesn't matter... In fact that’s the only thing that matters.. Our identity is our name... or is our name, identity??

MY NAME IS KHAN ... some call it an eternalizing love story, some call it a message to the species called humanity, Indeed a message that definitely needs to be heard, that deserves to be heard. Heard a lot earlier... But no one did... Will it be heard now ? I don’t think so, May be none of us do.
Watching the movie on a friday evening, posting status messages, writing blogs, .. suggesting the movie to friends... and u r back to work on MONDAY...
What’s the new thing u did with this movie that u did not with the other movies u saw... NOTHING... RIGHT
How many of us would have reacted in the same way if it was not for KAN.. sorry .. KHAN..KHAN .. from the epiglottis...

Is this the message from the movie.!!!!???

U seem to be offended...
Forget Khan ... forget Rizwan....forget humans ... not humanity... Be true to yourself and answer one question...
"SAVE OUR TIGERS 1411 left" the campaign by AIRCEL... How many of you did anything other than joining the community. Commenting on the messages...
Be true to yourself. U, we everyone chose the easiest option...
How many of u visited the website... spoke about it... donated heartily... IS THAT ALSO ENOUGH?? Answer for yourself

OR Lets talk abt ur favorite topic... dlf IPL... how many of u have already planned to go for the matches... many of you.. you know.... How many of you were worried about the auction... who got what... who paid what... who has a better chance this time... KKR bot bond.. damn expensive... Do they need a bowler?
M_ INDIANS got Pollard-- Gosh.. how much would they have paid .. 2.5 mn...

Or how many of you even thought once to visit the hockey world cup...
do u even know the city where the matches are or even the dates...
You need your shooters and cricketers to ask u to see hockey... I guess because if they used hockey players u would not identify them ... RIGHT!!!

Think for yourself... what have we become.... a bunch of selfish hypocrites busy in elevating our social images... You like to think of as messiah of humanity.... ARE WE ?

Back to MNIK.....
Forget the controversy... still your response would have been so loud??..or was it louder for 3 idiots??? Would it or not?? Answer for yourself.

Rizwan as a son... Rizwan as a brother... Rizwan as a husband... Rizwan as a father... Rizwan as a human
The only difference between people is that there are good people and there are bad people..
Good people do good. Bad people do bad.. Some people don't do anything in a way supporting bad... the third category.

Neeyat hona chahiye kuch bhi karne ke liye as SRK would say
Namaz jagah se nahin, neeyat se padhi jati hai... (MNIK)
or Team banane ke liye taakat nahin neeyat chahiye. (Chak de India)

The world doesn't expect you to become a hero and go to Wilhelmina that is literally drowning in a hurricane to supervise a heroic rescue mission nor does it asks u to donate the only 500$ u have, at the only-Christian charity event for Somalia, for those who are not Christians in Africa. It doesn't expect anything...
It just asks you to be responsible... in whatever sense u can.. Changing your ideology as one says..
that’s all for now.. Hope it enlightens something..your day, your world, your body your soul.. whatever...

And if the US president had to say something for this movie which does not lose it track from "meeting the US president".. it would be
Yes. We Khan
 - Written by my brother Ashwin 


  1. Hey! That was a real eye-opener! :)

    The fact that the author seemed to have a holistic view on the subject goes on to show the quality of post. I myself had never thought about things in this way. Thanks to you. I now hope to. :)

    When I started reading the post, I could sense some difference; the difference in writing style. The post sounded assertive, which I never sensed when you wrote.

    Hats off to you Ashwin! :)

    P.S.: Sorry for mini-blogpost-like comment. :P

    P.P.S.: Where are you these days? Haven't seen you online, busy studying kya?

  2. ok you stuffed a lot of things in my head right there!

  3. Liked the post, alot .

    Check your gmail..have sent you the links to few of my poems as you asked :)


  4. Shakes hands with Ashwin!

    True. There is something that is missing from us... and we will not get it by sitting dumb!

  5. Fabulous thought!!

    I cud make it out it wasn't you writing coz u have a pretty different style of writing!!

    But this was such a thoughtful post!!

    Really made my dumb head think!!\oo/

  6. @ SD
    why do you always think that I'm studying ? :| Kuch padh wadh nahi rahi hoon :P
    And I'm not online much bcoz my pc is on fritzz as ever! Turns off every 15 mins or so.Got it repaired twice..phir bhi!
    Howdy ?


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