Friday, April 2, 2010

For the Love of...

If languages could be eaten , I'd say English is my favorite cuisine.

I would gobble up all the words and would still be craving for more. Always hungry as I am.

Novels would be the junk food.Spicy & tangy! 

Classics would be like a bottle of Old wine. 

Poems would be like those special servings you try that  you may not always like. 

Idiom and phrases would make up for the dessert :D  Irresistible.

*** I swear I could have EATEN English language if I could.
I know it doesn't make sense but simply put - I turn restless if I do not use proper English.

Not just grammatically correct..I like to keep pace with a perky snazzy vocab.

And apart from that...I'm a great admirer of witty one liners.
Oh and how could I forget to mention how much I love to use phrases and idioms :D
I did something funny with those ,  using them in a post based on one of the personal events  -  Every Dog has its day!

There's something so silky about this language.
Actually its like moulds to the shape you give it --- quite smoothly.

Of course , I love to speak in Hindi just as much.
But for reading and writing..its English all the way!

This post is in fond dedication For the Love of language!
What would the earth be without my favorite cuisine ? :P


  1. Truly said....

    English is,was and will remain 2 be a favorite cuisine...

    Liked ur idea of bringing up food and lang. togethr ...

    Keep blogging!!!


  2. Oooh la laaaa..
    Talk of cuisine and food makes me sooooo hungy *smacks lips*

    I would RUN towards Italian and French then.. love the soft consonants.. makes em very romantic <3

    Lovely post Sugar :D

  3. Now that makes a sumptuous meal!!
    Eager to taste all those yummy meals on ur blog that you cook with meticulous planning...
    N well...looks like I've missed out on many royal dishes, desserts and wines...due to change of url of ur blog...
    Lemme go and have a bite or two of each o dem!!!:P

  4. oh i absolutely love english for similar reasons like yours!! :P I fancy italian too!!

  5. - Chengdi
    lol what an interesting blogger name you have :P

    Thx :D

    - Firebolt
    :) Yeah I love French too.Musical language.I took it up before 2+
    Would love to resume learning it.
    Thx babe :P

    - Jaunty
    Haha..Loved your comment :)
    Sure binge upon the meal I've cooked :D

    - Rima
    :) me too :P

    - Ria
    that's nice :)

    - Niraj
    thank you :D

  6. Hey thanks... :P

  7. I love this post! You echoed my thoughts exactly in fancy words! the descriptions really had me there girl!


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