Sunday, April 18, 2010

Numbly baffled

* Two of my most 'worshiped' friendships have ceased to exist or so it seems.
Time and distance have swiped off the spark.The 'need' to be along.
Even as those two friends are somewhere out there.Somewhere far.

I'm fully aware and sure of the fact that its never going to be the same..and the worst part of it is that I'm not even going to make an effort.Maybe it is not that bad to not try.That comfort and rapport has just dissolved.Pointless.

* You think I'm a fool.You are absolutely right.FULL STOP.

* Some relations have to be kept the way 'elders' want you to , which is far less by your standards.Its difficult.I wish there were no rule like formalities.Happiness would have come simpler and it would still have been valued just as much.

* The sole purpose of my life is not to get married.Unlike the assumptions.There's so much to much to LIVE for.Marraige thoughts give me a virtual nervous breakdown.

* Some people go Volt Face.With absolute ease.I don't know what to do about them.It baffles me all the time.


  1. AAAAAA!

    Agree with the marriage funda - I just cannot visualize myself at that stage!!!

  2. he he abt the marriage bit, there's no point thinking abt it from now, its better to cross the bridge when u get there.


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