Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Practical solutions ??

1] What do you do when you think someone doesn't deserve the attention from you because they don't hold you as much important , and despite knowing it you let them magnetize you & make you give them importance all the time which is pretty sick and stupid if you were to ask me.But anyway..what do you really do - to cut off ?? Should you ?

Guess its difficult to put ego aside when you genuinely care.No matter what you get in return.

I still need an answer. More than that..I need a way out of it.

2] Who decides what you deserve and how much you deserve ?
What if you do not have as much as you deserve ?
And what if someone has more than they ever deserve ?

Annoyingly unfair situation

Answers any ? 'SANS philosophy'


  1. No philosophy here dear! but i dont think its that difficult to cut off. It depends on ones will power.

    Answer to the 2nd one, no one can decide that. :)

  2. The former is something even I face... :-s I guess you pursue at least for sometime, in the hope that they would understand how much you care for them someday... but yeah! when you're completely fed up and not making headway and it's affecting you negatively in some way... as in like it's making you cut off from other people in your life who also matter to you or if they're making it crystal clear that they don't need your affection, I suppose you have to cut off for the sake of your own sanity... :|

    For the second one, deserve what? materialistically? attention-wise? what? :-s

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  4. 1] make two lists. first one as to why the person should be given attention, second why not given. next by looking at the lists decide what to do : give attention or not. after deciding throw the other list and concentrate on the reasons to do what you decided from the list in your hand to tame your mind in your wish

    2] i feel need determines what we deserve and how much we deserve, our power determines how much we have and if we dont have how much we deserve we either pacify ourselves or we look at others and get jealous.

    could't beat being philosophical on the second one sorry !!

  5. whoosh!

    No philosophy, eh?

    Ok, I'll stick to the 'way out'
    Agree with Akansha, it is up to you to decide and realize the difference between trying and 'breaking your head against a wall' - as simple as that..

    And about the second question - if something has more than they ever deserved, it CAN be shortlived!

  6. - Ria
    Will power :) Yeah I guess its upto the person to decide what is to be done and then act upon the decision.
    Ah..nobody can answer the second one it seems :(

    - Akansha
    Bingo! You said it..'for the sake of your own sanity' haha :) yes precisely for that :D
    HOW do you cut off , tell me?!

    Deserve as in just generally.Not materialistically or attention wise..that would be very minor.Just generally :)

    -You did Whaaat?!
    Ok.I checked it :|

    - Funk Priest
    'Tame your mind in your wish'
    I like that.Its not that easy though :|

    The second one is a bit off tangent its ok if you were philosophical :D Its true what you said about need determining what we deserve..but that doesn't hold for people who have MORE than they need :|
    Anyway, thanks for helping me figure these things out :)

    - Firebolt
    lol :D Ok..I'm certainly breaking my head against the wall.What next ? How do I break the bones of that other person ? :P

    Haha..I liked your answer for the 2nd one :D Solace!

  7. HOW to cut off... well... you just stop communicating and stop responding to their efforts I suppose... oh wait! I don't suppose they aren't making any in the first place :-w

    I know if you really really care too much, it would probably rip you apart to do that... :-s so it is kinda reallly tuff... but for your sanity... you'll feel better after some time :)

    Second ques: who decides what you deserve, I believe we write our own destiny... if you don't have as much you deserve, keep working hard to get it!!! I know it gets very frustrating and sometimes you feel you can't walk another step in that direction, but it is at such times when you realise value of 'true' friends to whom you can speak your mind freely, someone who won't judge you, just be there for you.. very diff to find such friends, but if you have them... you're the luckiest person alive!!

    If another has more than they deserve, well you can be sure it is definitely gonna backfire some day... I believe what goes round comes round... :)

  8. I loved every word of what you've said :)
    You resonated a perspective of my thoughts that I wasn't too willing to accept or even notice.

    Made my day! Thanks :)

    Now onwards every time these things bother me - I know what I have to do.
    READ your comment :D :)

  9. *honoured* simply... :)

    And good luck! :D


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