Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dang it!

  • Its a bit strange that nobody picks up the phone when I badly want to talk to just anyone. And a lot of ppl call when I have a relatively occupied day.
  • All excited plans go kaput!
  • Some friends are unreachable even at normal hours.
  • Mom screamed loudly when I was driving as if I got someone under the car.It was SO embarrassing.
  • My exams were bad worse ever.Its a shame.
  • A day before an exam , there are considerable number of activities going online.Fb seems to have a lot to offer.Lot of blogs to read etc. The day after exam ( when I'm FREE ) - there's a lull.
  • I bought a stylish sari for myself  ( !!!!! ) and I'm not too sure if I'll be actually wearing it anytime soon.My second thoughts are a secret and mom shouldn't come to know about it. 
  • I still can't believe I went shopping to buy a sari.
  • I guess I've got bats in the belfry.I list it under what happens when you turn 20.My friends would say I've been 'forever crazy. twenty is just an excuse.'
Ufffff !


  1. Hi...
    Liked Your Profile Espically :

    "First crush - science. Married to commerce *Arrange marriage* Secretly in love with Arts. Filing for divorce Already weary of the expected long court proceedings ! Meanwhile..accounting life [ owe something to commerce afterall ;) ]"

    Coming to the post:
    made me remember the chain mail...
    few quotes from it:
    lost things are always found in the last possible place.
    bread loaf (butter quoted) will always fall with other side @ top.
    wrong numbers are never busy...


  2. That point abt stylish sari makes me go ooh-la-la!!
    Wud u be posting pics???

  3. u got a sari!! :P I wud never get one coz i cant wear a sari to save my life!

  4. Ahaaa!

    Stylish Sari huh?
    Lage raho =P

    The same thing happened with me yaar.. there were SO many distractions when I was supposed to study and the day the exam ended, Zzzzzzz!!


    GR8 post!


  5. At times nothing goes ur way...thats the sweetness of time. that it changes..this will be replace with good set of things..

  6. Hey sugar these things happen wth every girl being 20....

    with me too...

    nd the exam thng is so very true....
    same happens wth me...firebolt knws it quite nicely....hehehe..:)

    cmon gal ...
    leave it nd cheer up!!

  7. Its so true when am busy and loaded with lots of assignments, its then when my creative cells get activated and poetry flows like fountains from my head and suddenly i feel like reading up all the books that is there on my shelf (pending ones) but once am past the deadline nothing interests me and my creative cells too doze off :(

  8. I liked the first point. :)

    Interesting! :)

  9. - Darpan
    Hi :)
    Thx :P
    Hehe..loved those quotes :D very true! Most of the times most of the tiny events in life are stupidly ironical.

    - Jaunty
    Haha..wld try posting the pics :)

    - Ria
    Lol..yeah I got a sari :D :D
    shop for it sometime and wear it..its darn fun :D

    - Firebolt
    Haha..seriously number of distractions during exams!

    - Niraj
    I hope so :)

    - Chengdi
    lol...that exam thing certainly happens with everyone! :D

    - Shas
    'poetry flows like fountains from my head...past thedeadline nothing interests me'
    Haha.. we all are sailing in the same boat :)

    - Chandrika Shubham
    Hi :)
    Oh yeah..its very interesting to note.Annoys me though !

  10. U have created a nice profile

  11. i m starting to look so out of shape - sari is out of the question!!!


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