Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have this weird mindset attached to being at some places.
Like the kind I would never want to visit , again.The weird part is that my first trip at those particular places wasn't bad at all.And am unable to figure out why I wouldn't want to be there :|

Just for I've been thinking of Blore which I'd last visited 5 years back.
I had spent a wonderful time out there..visited et al.
And today..on this dull Saturday while am just mentally re-visiting my travelogue ..I cannot quite adjust to being present in blore in future.It gives me eerie feelings.Don't know what it is..maybe the culture out there...the atmosphere..or something mysterious associated with my memory that am unable to tap.

I wish to break that 'feeling' by visting Blore soon!
I really hope I do or these weird set of thoughts are going to give me nightmares.

*** I read
A thousand Splendid Suns : highly disturbing and painful.The tragedy ..the irony , the pain endured by the protagonists is just too much to read.I can read The Kite Runner atleast 5 times in all my life..but am never going re-read A thousand Splendid Suns.Its a sad and a very UNFAIR tale.
The writing style of the author also differs from his previous novel.A different presentations altogether.

A walk to remember : I'm not hurt  is all I can say.Maybe having read tragic love stories earlier..this one couldn't bother me much.

The Godfather : My first ever read on Mafia.Engrossing tale of crime and family ( notice.. I didn't say criminal family.The Don is strangely respectful )
There was a lot of irrelevant detail given on account of the other characters which really wasn't necessary , since it didn't have much purpose towards the climax.Waste of pages :|

I've always had some interest in the structure and organization of Mafia.So I think I need to start digging for some info.
Vendetta.I like the word..not the meaning.


  1. Hey sugar cube jst go and freak out in tht very placeee for which u get such bizzare thoughts.... its just sme confusing nd irritating thoughts in ur mind nd nothng else...

    Just go and have fun!!!! :) :P

    nd from the 3 books i hav read "A Walk to remember".... I liked it...
    wud like to go for other too if i get them...

    Keep bloggng!!! <3

  2. I love Kite runner more than A thousand splendid suns too... but Hats off to khaled Hosseini..he has changed my perspective of Afghans really...kudos to him...!!

  3. a thousand splendid suns actually ripped me apart - i couldnt keep the book down and in 26 hours i was done but deeply shattered!

  4. Hmm... I've never really 'felt' this way about some place... :-s But yeah, visit B'lore once again, and make sure you have enough cousins/friends to make you see the beauty yet again... :)

    I've read TSS, Godfather is next on list right after Imagining India... A walk to remember... well I don't think I wanna read it... the movie in itself is sooo... complete! I feel it'll get shattered by the book... kinda weird I know... :-w

    TSS is a very very disturbing book, I must've cried like sooo many times throughout the story... :'( But yeah it's well written, and probably true to a very large extent, as in as far as the plight of women in Afghanistan goes, which is what is a lot more disturbing... :(

  5. havent read any of the books mentioned m not commenting on that, jus go there n have fun!! :)


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