Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Every Dog has its day..

- People forget its an idiom.So no need of considering me a dog or precisely a bitch for that matter.

It's too late for me to write 'bout the joy of having cleared CPT ( CA entrance )
I was on a high specially because I didn't expect to pass.It was a 200 marks multiple choice question exam and the passing marks were 100. Guess what ? I scored 101 :D , lol [ 2nd attempt ]
And since then to whom-so-ever I express my happiness of clearing the exam would laugh or chuckle and show some kind of sympathy for the 101 marks. I obviously would have flunked if I would have scored just 2 marks less. But then instead of exclaiming "wow" - they do the "ohhh"
People had sympathy even when I had scored 96 in my first attempt.And I find that OK.I used to pity myself ! But what I find amusing is that they want to sympathize with 101 marks too ! Its like damned if you do , damned if you don't !
And not just that..some people actually gape when they hear 'bout me cracking the exam. *half shocked half surprised*
Sometimes I'm able to take such reactions because I know that my 12th board exams results were awful ! And I was now the official black sheep of my family.But I didn't know I was so highly under-estimated.
Nevertheless, I had my chance..I just had my day..and now I'm on the prefect track !

I was flying in air that day.And I am still happy.But more than me ,I think my dad's happy! He gives this news to his folks with a lot of pride and happiness.I feel obliged! ;)
Its been a dog's age after something really good has happened as far as my academics is concerned. And I'm getting over with the "black sheep" tag.

But I don't always enjoy the way dad would tell bout me. I don't like that attention.And I definately don't like sympathy.I don't like people who appreciate me just out of formality & are basically not very happy for me. And then there are many dog in the manger ! I really hate those kind of people.They themselves are big time losers , and they want to make everyone the same ! I'm sure they'll live a dog's life.

Honestly I'm a modest person.I'm obviously very happy.But this is just the start .I'm not CA as yet.I don't brag much.I don't like putting on the dog! .I would want all the limelight & attention when I have too many credits by my side.

But anyway,as long as my dad's happy - I'm ok with being praised ( at least till now ).But I'll make every effort not to give him a dog's chance to praise me for more than that I deserve!

And now on the last note - since I've been dogging the dog word - I'd want to talk 'bout the dog - a real dog ( no more phrases and idioms :P ) at my neighbours! He's a real pain. I don't even know what breed it is! What pisses me off is that it never stops barking or at least It HAS to bark when I'm studying or sleeping ! Get the Dog out of my place ! ( = Run the hell out my place you doggie )

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  1. nice and i enjoyed all the time while reading this.


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