Sunday, March 30, 2008

I find it funny!

# 1 #Donna asked me thrice to come along with her to watch 10,000 bc.I refused her thrice !
I think I really did wish to watch it but after reading the reviews , I was wondering if it would be worth while !?!
I don't have time to waste now.And anyway was stuck with exams ,so that was my second reason why not to watch the movie.
So she went ahead and watched it last Monday.

My cell kept on the desk vibrated at 11.45 am when I was studying.I had exam at 2.30.I picked up and read the msg >>
- Hey Man ! 10,000 BC is aussum! Its amazing wtch it ..its reli cul.
> Now first of all I don't know why she eats most of the letters of the word ? SMS mania that she got ! and I was wondering what is "aussum" - sounds idiotic :P ,lol
And now I was knitting my brows and just trying to figure out how on this earth she liked the movie ?? my text >>
You must be crazy ! There's no story line.The hero keeps on wandering through the forest & encounters weird animals ! The graphics are age old ! What's wrong with you're move taste ? :\
> OK, I know that my assumptions that the movie isn't all that good is totally based on the reviews & though I don't fully rely on what Masand from CNN-IBN had to say ..I do feel that three people cannot be wrong! ( Nikhat from Times,and another from a local newspaper )
I ws really materializes wid Darwin's Theory..survival of d fittest .its bout men who lived in prmitive times ..whtver u say , its on my fav list !
*eyebrow-raising* Geez !
I almost rolled on floor laughing ! Did she just say Darwin Theory ?!?! lol
I couldn't explain her that it isn't CUL. Specially bcoz you don't have mammoths
in deserts.I was too surprised for her to come up with biology !! To be on better side I just diplomatically said her..
"Ok fine if you liked was nice , yup!"

Thank god I ended it up here or else she would have argued for 4 hours ! :D

As for the movie..I did feel like watching it after reading her "biological feedback"

Accounts paper.
I was engrossed in tallying the balance sheet.There was lot of a humming going on around the class.Our invigilator was funny.There were two basically.One of them was too loud & commented in a way that made the entire class giggle.The murmurers were growing strong enough to make the invigilator shout " aee ab awaz kiya toh bahar nikal doongi" ( If you shout now , u'll be kicked out).
And everyone chuckled.
There was a sudden weather change.It was hot when I had stepped into the coll.And now there was a cold breeze that made the windows crackle.This was the opportunity every examine waits for,lol.Almost everyone was peeping into his/her partner's paper or looking behind and asking for answer or calling the one sitting ahed.This happened during the middle of the 3 hr examination.Among all the chaos,my exam partner too wanted to take some advantage.As far as I could see ,she was making journal entries.And then she asked me " Hey Purchase account is debited or credited ?!? "

I was too shocked to reply.I was like you don't even know THAT much!!
She roared " what ?? Please tell me!! "
"Its debited ALWAYS" lol
How I wish I had said that its credited. Not because I wanted to confuse her more but because of the fact that she didn;t help me when I asked her 'bout my doubt.And for the record - I didn't ask her anything stupid ! But then its stupid to ask any any any bloody thing to a student who doesn't know whether purchase a/c is debited or credited!
I know during exams when you're nervous or hurried,you often forget what is to be written.But what she asked me ,I suppose,was the basic of accounts,lol.

Nevertheless,my paper didn;t go well.Not what I had anticipated.I was awake since 5 in morning ,and had closed my eyes for half n hour at 7.But to write a paper at 2.30 in afternoon when you had a sleep for only 5 hrs - its just too pesky! And by the last one hr of the exam , I felt so groggy that I could hardly write anything.I think I messed up a major part during that hour.

Next time onwards I'm gonna take 9 hour sleep before any of my exam - no matter whether I have to revise a Major chunk of the course or even go through main points!Though every time everyone has been asking me to have a good sleep before any exam ,I never considered it important enough. And in any case for students like me who study only @ the 11th Hour ..its ok to stay awake & give the exam - even if it means messing up the exam - much better than flunking ,huh ?


  1. Hey ! Thank you for all ur comments :) U've got an amazing sense of humour ! keep rocking ! ( btw, 10,000 BC - BAD , you got lucky :P ) have fun there !

  2. Haha..well i had a similar experience in a/c exam thing..and its dissappointing that when you ask for something and they refuse to help..People in my batch still dont know debtors and creditors..


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