Friday, April 25, 2008

On health...

It feels sick to fall sick ! And puking is the most terrifying thing. Woke up late today & since morning I had this feeling that I might just vomit any moment. But since I hadn't eaten anything , I couldn't possibly puke. I slept for hours & hours , finally having something in afternoon . Then slept again for 2 hrs & when I woke up , I had the water + saliva dripping out of my mouth. It felt so so so damn terrifying. And You know what happened next !!
Also , seconds before vomiting , I felt as if there was something in the stomach working as a vacuum cleaner & sucking my stomach internally ! It didn't pain but it surely took my breadth away - in a bad way !
I can take anything , exhaustion or fever but vomiting is the most disgusting thing ! I would rather prefer falling ill for 10 days then puking once . OK that's off course an exaggerated statement but all I meant was that I just cannot handle that particular trauma !! Its so yuck !!

Anyway , wassup ? Ah well , I've taken up drinking & I'm finding myself heavily addicted to it.
So what is it ? Wine ? Beer ? Tequila ? Vodka ?
No !!
Soft drinks !! :P
I used to have soft drinks only occasionally ..that too once or twice in an year . I did my best to avoid it for so many years. And now , I don't know what's wrong with me ?!
There didn't pass a week this month & before that I didn't drink coke or Pepsi. And I should just avoid it now . So many reasons why NOT to have it !
Soft drinks remind me of hookah. I had hookah just once till now which was last year. My cousin & I went to Mochas at midnight . He assured me it was not injurious . When I asked him for details - he couldn't justify anything that he said. But anyway, it was too tempting to make it go a miss . And the only reason we were there, was to have hookah.
o 0 O 0 o 0 he smoked making rings ! I think I was on the verge of fainting when I had too many doze together.
Just few days back I was asking my friend ( zee ) if we could go to Mr Beans , to have hookah. She said she had no problem with it. But the plan was cancelled and we eventually went for a movie. There were few guys & few girls with me . After the movie , we were just discussing in the parking place 'bout our next plans. Whether to go for lunch ? Or another movie ? We somehow decided to go to Mr Beans only . Zee & I asked who would want to accompany us to have hookah ?
You should have seen the expressions of the guys !! Damn ! All together -
No ! No way !! I'm won't even join for Lunch then ! Sick !!
loll , I was wondering if I had asked then to actually smoke a ciggy !
And then each of them went on explaining why NOT to smoke hookah.
There was some scientific reason like "the water vapours directly go into the lungs" . Someone said "Drugs !"
"Its got coal which has carbon which is what we inhale & that is equivalent to smoking ciggy"..And so on..
But that scared me . My cousin was wrong ! What he knew 'bout it was possibly what his Friends had to tell him & so the chain carried on.. And I was myself too lazy to actually find out if it really harmed or not. I could have googled , yeah ? I still can..but no I'm not doing so because I've already decided not to have hookah again!
Everything for my health !!
For my cousin , who is in London enjoys smoking in Icy cold weather ! I asked him to be careful & not to get addicted to it - he says he won't - & I'm not very sure !

And zeroing down to health - I have taken strict actions.
  1. No oily food.
  2. No more soft drinks.
  3. No more skipping meals. ( I never skipped meals for losing weight but just because ' didn't feel like eating' , my bad ! )
  4. Religiously doing yoga & pranayam .
  5. Drinking lot of water.

Few years back , a very health - conscious uncle of mine asked me to drink lot of lot of lot of water ! Even if I puke - its OK , he says. But like hell I'm going to drink water just to puke :P . But yeah , It feels really great & refreshing after drinking lot of water. I have been extremely remiss in taking care of myself - but if I won't - who will ?

Parents are always there. They are there guiding me , telling me what to do , what not to , but I have never been serious 'bout my health. I get tired very quickly , don't have high metabolism , I myself feel that I'm not perfect in my health - but laziness had conquered my body & brain ! I've been so casual 'bout this that my health never turned out to be my priority & so its harming me every second !! But now I'm getting myself into some strict fitness regime . I really need to do something than wait for something to accidentally happen for me !

I'm all into action & serious 'bout my health only when I fall ill or am very tired w/o doing much work. That really boosts my energy to get into proper healthy routine. When I fall ill , my entire world comes crashing down ! I feel miserable! Like what if there was nobody around me at that moment & I couldn't do anything myself ? What if I had everything on this earth - but poor health ?? Naturally , everything else would just become anything - precisely waste ! That hits me badly! Its a terrible feeling & that's what drives me to drop all the harmful habits. Old habits die hard but they do die - if I consistently adopt & practice good habits !

So here's wishing me A Very Happy Health ! :)

Good luck darling !


  1. sachin ( anshuram)April 28, 2008 at 2:22 PM

    ya its rite that whenever v r sick the whole world seems hopeless.
    but its also a great feeling to recover from your illness. :)

  2. Yeah it certainly does feel great after recovering ; )

  3. your 5 point menu is complete when you replace 3rd point with
    "Vegetables and Beans"

    and When you fall ill there must be your parents specially your mother.

    They are always with us thatswhy they are known as parents.


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