Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Rage Club

I'm getting aggressive day by day. Also the level of my temper is soaring high! I'm growing violent. Just the other day , I was shouting & yelling for apparently no good reason! And sometimes I'm like so hell confused as to why I did what I did ??! I ain't frustrated though.There's nothing going around that's making me sad either. But then , I'm mad @ lil things . I just turn so so damn angry even when it isn't something that should bother me ! But yeah , mum would scold me & then she would say something & behave in a way that really pisses me off. I feel like destroying everything I get my hands on! Breaking the mirror , glass , window. Throwing furniture etc. And since I cannot do any such thing , I usually have to find some other way to chuck my anger. So I burst out crying. Its weird though - to cry when you're not sad but only because you're angry. I guess it happens may be 'coz of the fact that things didn't happen my way. Or someone said something that I never wanted to hear. Or I myself behaved odd. I really am going mad mad mad ! I'm still unable to find out as to why I shouted so loudly so many times earlier ! And it just looks so silly. My mom too wonders what I'm really up to ?!

The last time I was mad , I wanted to write this post then & there at that moment itself. Nevertheless , I'm writing down now. So well as I said there has to be something to chuck away the anger out of oneself , I really thought of creating an anger club. And I got hot name for it - The Rage Club . It would be not just for me but for everyone who is angry & wants to do something violent to get over with the madness ! This club would be a chick one with some chick interiors & strong colors like red & black . People could just come in & break glasses - as many as they want ! There's some real fun in breaking glass . The way it cracks into several pieces , the way it shimmers after breaking , the sound created when it breaks !! It's soothing to mind because when you're mad, you really wish to crush something.You want to break away everything because you cannot break the bones of the person you're mad at ! And hey , I really like breaking glasses but I never intentionally broke any glass till now. Though now I have such plans , lol.
And the club would not be only to break glass. You could even break furniture. Destroy things by crushing them . And most of all , tear pages. Yes !! Have you ever noticed the fact that at any moment when you're angry & you have a book in your hand , you feel like tearing it apart. Like into bits & crushing it . And in fact , you just don't feel like taking such action - most of the time you end up doing so too ! Off course , I would never tear my Sherlock Holmes ' book . I pick up some waste paper instead .

So the Rage club isn't a violent thing in itself. It would be used to destroy things , yes , but that in turn would be done only to destroy your Rage ! And there's no regretting anyway , because when you've really joined this club ( when it comes into existence ) , it would be a justified rage or else why would ya become so violent ?? And yes , when the madness is due to some person , then we'll have a kind of effigy made of sponge so that you could punch it as much as you want! Lol , I wish this is made as soon as possible ! :P

OK , now . The above written part was typed few days ago.Right now I'm calm , cool & collected. But that doesn't mean I'm giving up my plans for the club :P . Actually I thought that the club could have two chambers.One off course , the Rage Chamber & the second one would be the Freeze Chamber.After all the violence in Rage Club , one could swiftly move into Freeze Hour ( that's the name I give to the 2nd chamber ) It would be a place with soft calm interiors in blue & purple , soothing colors could just relax with a cuppa cold coffee or any of those drinks except liquor . With the music playing & a dance floor , you could dance the night away ! This place is to chill out ! A pub as it could be called. I always wanted to have my own chain of pubs ,lol. And this thing goes just next after the Rage Chamber .
Lol , I must be mad to be having dreams of creating anything like a Rage Club , but I do want to. If not for people , at least for myself. I wish I was provided some more space in my new home , I would have made the same thing there itself :P
But till then , I've found a new way to crush my anger. Splashing some cold water , & then moving an ice cube all over my face ( It feels great !!! ) And then , listening to my fav tracks.

Someone once told me that anger is a wasted emotion.It might be. But for people like me who are born-short-tempered , there's no point debating if I should have been mad or not.It happens spontaneously , given to the fact , an unstable mind . So instead of taking any dangerous action in anger or even saying anything that could be disastrous , its better to find ways to chuck anger so that we do not have to regret over the actions taken in a fit-of-rage.

I'm game , my Rage Club !


  1. hey,it's really a gud idea of rage club, but postpone it forever.
    Try not to get angry at following places:-
    1 when u r eating.
    2 before u go anywhere or coming from anywhere.
    3 when u r goin2sleep and when u just wake up.
    it may help u. :) sachin

  2. Lol..Rage club gonna b really fabulous!..n I wanna b da 1st person 2 join it (offcoz aftah u coz u gonna b da even wish 2 have a pool of dirty muddy water in which v can actually push oder memebers of rage club itself :D...its gonna b even more fun!!..and v'll even have some gadgets in rage club..v can cut away all da wires of dat gadget n throw it here n dere n completely destroy n make it FUTILE(I personally love cutting r quite innovative..da idea of sucha club can only come 2 a mastermind like u..n dat second chilllout zone??..its also indispensable so dat after ventin our ire n becomin normal, v can actually chill in dat zone n become super cool so dat ppl who've seen us b4 enterin the gate of rage club r left flabbergasted..GET ANGRY-GET NORMAL-N SIMPLY BECOME SUPA KEWL N CHILL..whoaa!!..hats off 2 u!


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