Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rage : Part 2 : Read Ps2

Since I've been talking of Rage & all that jazz , I thought I should pay some tribute to my ps2 , lol ! It didn't make any contribution in making me mad , but it certainly had quite a considerable amount of impact. BurntOuT , the most of all ! Its my fav & it really really made me aggressive! BurnOut is all about hitting the traffic , hitting & hitting more , smashing cars, truck or anything that moves on the road.You could bump into anything & everything , & you are still virtually alive with your car looking as fresh as it can.

The graphics are amazing & compared to some other games , I found that there was a better control of car than in others. It used to piss me off while playing some other car games , the car used to actually swing from one corner to another making it impossible to cross the stage.But this one's an exception & what could be better than hitting traffic , specially when you live in a city or country where anything & anyone can come under your car! Seriously , the traffic sense among people is so bad !

Anyway , lets come back to BurnOut. Whenever I play this game , & move out of my house to drive , I really feel like smashing cars. That's the impact of ps2 games.I feel like driving super fast & smashing anyone who comes in my way - & specially those driving w/o much traffic sense. I feel like flying low.Thankfully I never did really hit anyone ! No , I mean I have , but not after playing ps2 ! So haven't really got a chance to blame my very ps2 ! But I think if Rage Club doesn't come into existence , ps2 can be a replacement.

Huh , but anyway , there's something good for me - I'm a much cooler person now.Don't know how that change began & when , but I've been noticing myself & I know that I really have got some control over my anger. Thank God !! The very example of this is that now I don't feel like breaking furniture after having a tiff with mom. The case may be different , I'm a lil too habitual to her scoldings may be its not affecting me anymore! It could be that or it could be what I said before , have had developed some control over anger. Its good anyway , whatever way it is ! But I don't think mom really thinks 'bout all this.Her only focus - my daughter did this..she didn't do that..she doesn;t listen to me ..she talks to me rudely..& so on , all negative for me! She focuses on these things & that's why she gets more of these quite often.Whereas I'm trying to get a lil logical w/o being emotionless , & just checking out for where I had been wrong.I look it at from her point of view too .

Sometimes she's right , Most of the time , I am ! > My version.

She's right all the time > her version !

There's the difference. OK , I'll say we both have a 50-50 deal of being right. So half the times , she is , & the other half time I'm ! better now. But mum never tries to analyze these things. She never gives a thought to her actions but the only thing on her mind is what all I did to her ! Mum's such a short-tempered person that she gives a complex to the word "short-temper" !! Anyway , I ain't complaining ..I'm pretty cool 'bout these things now because there seriously isn't time to waste time , cribbing bout things . I want to make more effective use of this short time , to celebrate & be happy for all that I have ! [ How did I really turn into such a saint ? lol . Actually its all thanks to a book I read a couple of days back ..The Secret - its amazing !! ]

And for The Rage , I'm grinning :P ..well its just an imagination & there's something that I would like to add to it . Suggestion by a friend - to have a muddy pool ! Damn ! Why didn't that occur to me ?? lol . But hey my buddy , its a great idea. Specially because it involves lot of fun.When we'd chuck the person we are angry with into the muddy pool , I bet , we'll laugh rather than making an effort to kill him /her in mud , lol ! Messy !! I Like it !! :D And secondly to make a provision for cutting wires ! Now , I won't ask why that didn't occur to me , coz I don't know why that occurred to you ? lol ..what's the logic behind it ? I never did so , nor have I seen anyone doing it , but since you had an experience of it & that you enjoyed it , I shall not question anymore ! :P

Ok , My ps2 feels lonely now ..lemme take it for a ride ! *Traffic hitting*

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