Friday, February 29, 2008

Sister's Day Out

I met Prachi & Priyanka after a long time.
But to everybody else's surprise it was as if we talk or meet everyday!
Prachi & me have so much to talk that we can never shut up ! So much so that..everyone else has to ask us " not to talk "
We were basically havin dinner and so everybody wanted us to be quite ..beacause with the rate at which we were seemed like we won't be able to finish up our dinner by the next two
We talked and discussed and bullied Pratik ( my cousin who had come to stay for few days ) We so love bullying him !! lol ..he can never win us !

Then she asked me if I'd seen her new moto slim cell.I think I had seen it earlier..and there she was chuckling and showing off her metallic blue cell phone.
Then she took over my cell phone , and mocked at it..coz it's badly broken ..I didn't mind that..coz I know my cell looks awful ! lol

We had put both our cell on the table..and then one of our friend came to say hello..He then saw the cell phones at table and asked " Is it placed here for display ?? Two of them " loll
And Prachi was quick to reply " Yeah !! You must be having three..don't you ? " lol
Well she basically like teasin that guy a lot ! Coz he always comments on anything that he can - just when we are together !

And then she told this guy was asking her 'bout doin CA and from where...
And then he goes like " don't worry prachi ..I just scored 2% less than Namrata in our 12th exam " lol
I was so mad..he didn't realy have to say it that way!

We laughed on the most silly jokes ever ! I didn't get to talk much wid Priyanka but I always enjoy her company ..might talk to her some other time!

I always miss my two most loving sisters! Afterall I'v spend 12 yrs wid dem !

Its been 6 yrs we aren't living together..and 4 yrs that we do not talk that often.

I will look forward to many such days..when we can be together and talk endlessly..Love you sis !! Love you lot !! :)


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  1. sometimes our close relations are ruined in just few minutes or seconds.
    and we pay for that which is not done by us.
    Another lesson of LiFe.


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