Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mystically mystified

I'm gonna be super! Thats what the palmist had to say!
But then I was never really worried 'bout money.Money comes & goes..
It wasn't just the only thing I wanted to know.He told me bout my studies.Asked me to pray The Sun God.But I wanted to know more...something more...Like the entire structure of my future - Apart from fortune.I wanted to know if I'm going to do something good in life..I certainly didn't want to be just a home maker!
Having known so much bout astrology ( dat it REALLY does exist ) - I didn't wish my life to go waste.
What killed me entirely was the fact that everything..yes everything is written.We can't change anything ! Our entire life has been already set.We'll get opportunities & things will happen for us.It'll happen as its been written.And no matter what we have to say 'bout our hard work or bout us being lucky - its basically all set long time back.So when we achieve something through hard work or luck - its not really the hard work or our luck.All of that happens because it was already decided to happen !!! And no other force in Universe can stop us from achieving what we deserve to get !
I find it too strange ..why do we have to live if everything is pre-decided ?!!??Why can't things happen our way ?? Why can't WE ourselves make our future ??
A split second of change..and our future changes

Somethings killing me inside...I dun understand this at all!
And how I wish I had the strongest future....

So well I didn't ask the palmist anything more.He was tellin' dat dad's all problems will be solved..nothing to worry bout
I wanted to know whther I'll seriously ever make good when I asked him so,he was telling few other things,wherein I really wasn't interested
But I guess its Ok.Life should remain a mystery.If I get to know everything that future has in store for me..& also the fact that I can hardly change won't be fun.So its better I know nothing of my scares me enough !!
And the answers to my questions will always remain a mystery..coz even if I ask dad ,( who himself is a good astrologer) - he is unable to give me a very convincing reason behind this magic!

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  1. Hahaha….Like all the mysteries of life !
    I wonder whether it is written. All my life, I lived by a code. The code is simple- Nothing can alter or change if you seriously strive for it. I succeeded in everything I ever wanted. But of late, I started realizing that Life is indeed very mysterious and it has its own ways of making people realize that fate is something we should believe in.(Again it made me realize certain things the sad way :) ..)
    Yet I would like to choose your line “why do we have to live if everything is pre-decided !!!...? ”
    Keep thriving (Striving ;)) with a mystique smile :) because this is LIFE.....!


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