Monday, February 13, 2012

Ek mai aur ek tu

If you're bored..really very bored and have nothing else to do..

then maybe


you could go watch ek mai ar ek tu.

..To get even more bored :| huh

didn't expect such a slow casual movie which was supposed to be a copy of hollywood's what happens in vegas.

While there are people I know who have liked it..and I bet they liked it in little parts ( humor ) and so baring apart  those few scenes which will make you laugh..*
this is essentially a movie you should watch for free.
And then ,  like I said - IF you are bored AND have nothing else to do in life.

* anyone rekon the dialogues ?
"par chopsticks mein kya burai hai ??" :p 
Kareen's grandmom : "Shameless. Amitabh is watching you." Lol
The bathroom scene when Imran goes on date.

 Imran Khan = blank face.
Kareena Kapoor = Jab we met hangover.

Time pass but not paisa vasool ;)

1 comment:

  1. Very True...

    The movie was really very slow right from the beginning.
    There seemed to be nothing new in the movie except from few humorous jokes...
    Else Imran's acting was not upto the mark and Kareena same in old bubbly role....


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