Monday, February 20, 2012

Mario , I tired saving your princess ; giving up all my lives.

Its quite amazing how a video game that came into market about 20 years ago gives the same thrill of playing as it did a decade back in summers  !

I've been hooked to PS2 and Wii ..but there's something very unique about these old video games.
The sound effects..the levels...the tricks! They have their own novelty.
And the best part is despite so many would enjoy playing it just as much.

Did you know you could increase the life upto more than 100 in 3-3 stage of mario ? :P
I didn't know that all these years :D

Then there's Islander , Circus , Pipeline , Tetris  etc and its so much fun!
 Specially if you're competing against the second player :P

Thanks to my kiddo brother..for reminiscing the good old indoor games.

Btw we even happened to play HIDE AND SEEK in college campus.
 All the non players were quite bewildered as to what exactly we were up to ! :D

One should never 'feel' old to play outdoor 'games'.
Its super refreshing.

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  1. Now I remember my video games. Mario, Islander and Tetris were my fags :)
    I used to have this purple colored 52 in 1 cassette and I never needed anymore of those cassettes coz this one had all my fav games
    and know what, when I was doing my MBA, somebody got this computer version of Mario and believe me its craze spread like virus and everybody had it on their laptops and if you could see our class from the back, all you would see is mario being played on atlas half of the laptops while the profs were teaching :) :)


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