Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I too had a Valentine's day!

While there is contempt and in other cases mush regarding having to dedicate one special day out for love , parents , children etc etc..I personally feel such things don't hold any spunk . And I find it cheesy for those who celebrate. Specially Valentine's day.
I'm not one of those who goes by " Each day should be a valentine's day for your lover..."
Nor do I subscribe attaching importance to one particular day.

You love..you will love the same every single day. ( That is if you love. :P )
14th of feb shouldn't solely add any extra weightage to your love.

Having said that..I do not judge my friends who gift or receive gifts from their lovers specially chocolates on this very day.. ( partly because we are more than half the beneficiary of those chocolates :P ) ; to each their way of expressing love or whatever they think it is :|

So apart from taking custody of chocolates..there is the issue of handling bouquets too. Its obvious. You cannot con your parents into saying its a gift from 'friends'.
And it does kill to chuck a nicely decorated bouquet within a few hours from its receipt.
Therefore when my friend said she'll give away flowers to children..I suggested her to visit orphanage. And so we did.

Distributed chocolates and gave roses to some 20 kids in a orphanage near college.

Those kids immediately re-gifted the flowers to their caretaker :)

-- I've been on an over-doze of chocolates for 10 days now. And there's no aruging that chocolates do make you feel happy!
Also , I've observed , no matter which chocolate you eat ; those  home made or rochers or basically any of those expensive ones....at the end of the day a 10 bucks dairy milk beats them all :D

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  1. I almost feel the same way as you do. There doesn't have to be a special day for love. Love is not one day's special that is served on a beautiful platter. It is about being committed to one's own values and loving it and finding as much happiness by giving more reasons for happiness into a world that is starved for love and compassion.

    I am so happy to know what you and your friend decided to do. If more young people came forward with initiatives like this, how beautiful this world would be!


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