Friday, January 28, 2011

Damage Control :P

I hosted the party thrown to celebrate my sister's recent achievement - She cleared her CA final exam =)
This was the first time I got the chance to be at the center stage. And I'm proud to have managed pretty well :D

To make the party interesting and more fun...we decided to dedicate songs to our family members.

To my grandmom..
'Hum sath sath hai...' :P

The uncles and aunts..and my mom dad were dedicated old love songs.

'Ae meri zoharzabi..tujhe maloon nahi '

' Kya khoob lagti ho..badi sundar dkihti ho'

' Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi...yuhin dil lubhata nahi'

' Aankhon mein teri ajab si ajab si aadyein hai'

For my aunts ( dad's sisters ) -
Phoolon ka tarron ka..sab kehna hai...ek hazar mein meri behna hai

Cousins :
Just married  - ' Tere mast mast do nain'  and  'Tum jo aaye zindagi mein..' :P

For my brother ( first cousin)
"To the most eligible bachelor...."
Bachna aee haseeno .. ;)

"To our fashion sensation.."
Fashion ka hai ye jalwa.. :P

For my darling sister.. [ The one who is a Chartered Accountant now ;) ]
Few days back she told me how she always wanted to be a choreographer to which I was like :O what ?!!
And then we thought why not reveal this secret desire of hers to everyone ? :P
So I announced and let the cat out of the bag :D
But..there was a problem. The song didn't play. which I was like " Ok..looks like the song skipped.. now thats quite a secret"
And before I knew it...I sang for her :D :D  
Damage control :D
Dance pe chance mar le..

Then she dedicated a song to us sisters.
Tere jaisa yar kahan...kahan aisa yaarana :)

Next..the best dedication :P --- to this cousin of mine who talks with such etiquette & all that jazz...that his usage of hindi words can absolutely stump you :|
" Agar aap inse baat karenge ..toh lagega ki aap kisi shehenshai duniya mein pohoch gaye.... when you talk to him the background music would be something like this.."
Aazim-o-shaan shehensha :D
lol..he was darn embarrassed :D
 ( And the idea was mine ahem :P )

To the Wikipedia ( this guy can talk about anything!! and you cannot beat him with his knowledge update!)
 ' I'm the best..I'm the best :P'

Last  to our youngest lil brat
'Bum bum bole..masti mein dole' :D

So much fun!! :D
Oh yea..the food was awesome!
This was one of the best family get-together :)


  1. The songs were all so apt!! Good to know tht u played the perfect host. :) Congrats to ur sis.

  2. Congrats to your sister!!! And I am glad you all had such an awesome time :D I loved the songs :D

  3. Wow yaa!!

    That sounds so much fun!
    Party management is fun.. especially when it turns out to be such a rocking event :D

    Great job!!

    And many many congratulations to your sister!

  4. Dat was really awesome and a definite miss for both f us... and u as an anchor was a revelation.... I thot we jus had a repertoire of dancers... it now seems we have anchors n plenty too..

  5. wow!
    that sounded like one heck of a party :) no event is complete with a few glitches here n there.. u managed it well with the spontaneous song :P m sure the effect was much better :) Congratulations to ur sis!

  6. That sounds fun.
    Any song dedicated to you in return by those at the receiving end? :)


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