Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Now they're talking about the 13th Zodiac!
As if twelve kinds of people weren't enough ;-)

I've never been intimidated by sun signs. It has been ages since I stopped reading  horoscopes based on zodiacs.For one..the English & Hindi calenders are different. And sun signs only reveal personalities. They do not foretell your future.

Have you ever noticed that two people belonging to the same category of sun signs might have diagonally different personalities ? Or they might be like two peas in a pod.But its never wholesome. Its never 'equal' for ALL the people associated to that particular sun sign.

Consider this -
Do All people belonging to the sun sign , say Capricorn get a job together in a stipulated time as the zodiac horoscope suggests ?
or do ALL  of those bunch of people get married during the same phase ??
So how does it makes sense to 'know' your future that's not exceptional to you ;-) but instead given in a generalized form.
Its actually quite funny if you see it this way.
There are only 12 categories and millions of people belonging to each one of them.
The possibility of the same thing happening to one such particular group together is very low.
Logical , ain't it ?

I'm an Aquarian. And I like being one. That's because I've mentally associated myself as being an Aquarian. And now since the rumours of a 13th zodiac entering the cycle has zodiac would accordingly change to Capricorn but I wouldn't accept that because I only like being Aquarain ;) Its a long time    ' connection' and a hard one to break.As simple as that.

My zodiac doesn't tell my qualities.
Or to put it the other way round -  my qualities , strenth & weakenesses are not based on my zodiac.
Its me , who I am as a person that makes all the difference.That makes me who I am.
Not the sun sign.


  1. ha! A 13th zodiac! .... these celebrity astrologers are already raking in gold with 12 of them! imagine one more!

    I don't believe in astrology. but i like your take on it. i don't believe in religion either. but my official certificates say that i'm -Hindu. you get accustomed to that! :) it's a very good take on things!

    keep writing!

  2. 13th zodiac?
    Do people have nothing better to come up with???
    Anyways just like you I am happy being what I am :)

  3. - Matangi
    I believe in Astrology.
    I've been proven its magic several times :)
    I just don't fall for the zodiac horoscopes ;)

    - Purvi
    Seriously.Some sensational crap they circulate :D
    bingo :)

  4. I found it rather amusing....all of a sudden a new zodiac sign springs up from no where!!

  5. again after 3000 years there will be 14th


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