Monday, May 2, 2011

Message Log 7

 Girl 1 : I'm in love.

Girl 2  :  who is he ?
Girl 3  : how does he look ?
Girl 4  : how tall ?
Girl 5  : What is he doing ?
Girl 6  : Who are his friends ?
Girl 7  :  Total wealth ??

After full inspection.
All girls  : Be careful..he might be a bad guy!
Girl 1  : Ok

Same situation.
Boy 1  : I'm on love.

Boy 2 : Bhai party!
Boy 3 : Bhai party!
Boy 4 : Bhai party!
Boy 5 : Bhai party!
Boy 6 : Bhai party!
Boy 7 : Bhai party!


A guy sitting outside his home after divorce and notices a crate of beer bottles.
He takes out an empty bottle , smashes it into the wall swearing
"You are the reason , I don't have a wife"

Smashes 2nd bottle
"You are the reason , I don't have my children"

Smashes 3rd bottle
"You are the reason , I don't have a job"

Notices 4th bottle is sealed and still full of bear.
"Stand aside my friend , I know you were not involved" ;)


Some translations in Hindi you're surely love :D

Yo baby! Wassup?
> Arre munni...upar kya hai ?

Listen buddy , that chick is mine
> Suno dost , wo murgi ka bacccha mera hai

Are you nuts ?
> Kya aap akhrot ho ?

Rock the party baby!!
> Patthar maro , jasn mein..bacchi!

Lets hangout !
> Chalo bahar latakte hai!


Friendship between Girls
A gal came home late and told dad she was at friend's house.
Dad called 10 of her friends but all told she wasn't there.

Friendship between Guys
A boy didn't come home one night and told dad he was at friend's house.
Dad called  10 friends
8 confirmed he had slept at their home and
2 claimed he is still there.

Source : My inbox!


  1. Funny... Especially the last and t first one. Had read one of it very recently...



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