Thursday, May 19, 2011

For my Soul Sister

My dearest Sugar Free . .

We've come a long way...

...from playing hopscotch to fighting to secure the 'queen's chair' on dining.

From forcing you to eat sweets to skillfully coaxing you to reveal your secret shopping places :P

From the endless jokes that we cracked  to the inexplicable conditions we never complicated.

 From the secrets that we shared to the trust that we built rock solid.

From my non stop grumblings to your endless patience.

From our mutual complaints to that smile & charm that never diminishes your zeal.

In between and among all this... what has always remained untouched & uncorrupted  is our

unconditional love.

And I just want you to know that -
You are not just my sister. You are my soul sister.
I heart you. I miss you. And I absolutely love being around you.
The bond that we share is overwhelming.
There are no explanations ..and no demands in our relation.
Silence between us is comfortable...
Wait....for that matter...there is NO silence when we are together :P

I like how you console me.How you never judge me.
How you never give up on my rants. How you always manage to make me smile.
How you take my place of being 'elder' and support me.

 Its my previlege & great luck to have you in my life.
Stay the way you are ..always.And also always stay with me :)

And please learn to be punctual :P

***  Happy Twentieth Sugar :)
Won't force you to eat cake today :P
It'll truly be your sugar free day :P Giving you just one opportunity  in the whole damn year ..:D
make the most of it :D lol ;)

Love you lots :))


  1. Lovely write up! :)
    Happy birthday to her!

  2. Happy Birthday Sugar !

    Just dropped by and I like ur Blog.

    *I'm ur follower number 78 now*

  3. What a lovely thought and a perfect gift for such a wonderful sis! Wish I had a brother like you, buddy! Keep on with the blogging!

  4. - Hamza
    Welcome :)

    - Swapna
    Brother :O
    Oh nah..I wrote this for my sister :)
    I call her sugar free or sugar :P

  5. Happy Birthday to her! She is lucky to have you! :)

    ♡ from ©

  6. Awww...I can totally relate to this post...Belated happy bday to her..

    Tc :)

  7. belated Happy Birthday to Sugar :) :)
    and sorry for being late :(

  8. Thanks Tanvi & Swats!

    Thanks Purvi worries :) How you doing ?


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