Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pyaar Ka Punchnama ;)

First of firsts : Girls are not like girls made to see in the movie!
I agree there are the ones who JUST want to shop & who bicker ALL the time.
Then there are also the ones who treat guys like puppies or turn them into one.
And the third kind who change boyfriends like buses :P
( In fact at numerous instances I personally felt the urge to slap the three girls in the movie since the guys weren't doing the same :| )

But not EVERY girl falls into the above mentioned categories.
But anyhow..the movie really is more about the 'space issue' that today's gen face. And how a guy's single status beats the mingled one :D

The movie is FUN! The dialogues are hilarious. Although most of them mock women or woman's behavior . . . but given to the storyline & all fits too well!
The trailer seemed too promising. The movie does slack a little in the 2nd half. . . but there is no way you can miss out the 10 minute monologue from the character 'rajju' ! :D  Its freaking funny! :D
I liked all the male actors. Very natural with the acting.
Just go & enjoy this movie!


I also happened to see Pirates of Caribbean : On Stranger Tides today itself :D

Jack Sparrow is all you want to see this movie for!

Not much of action.

And story..well who cares about the story of fantasy-adventure films anyway ?!

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  1. On Stranger Tides was almost as dull as the last one. They can't keep relying on Johnny Depp to save the Pirates series.


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