Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No time for time

3 days without the internet and it feels good.
I had no time. And I like it when I don't have time.
Playing monopoly till wee hours in the morning.
Watching the A.R.Rehman concert live. ( poor arrangements :-| )
Eating as if I was starved.
Straightening things out.
Making efforts to be good .
Pretending to be happy.

Almost in a state of trance. 

Sometime long back...someone said to me that losers blog. Losers who are frustrated in life - blog. I'm one of those. I;m that loser who likes to blog out all her ire & grumblings. I still don't get it what sort of pleasure I derive from the same. Sometimes I feel maybe I should STOP --- If you're writing something , then it shows that you've been thinking about it. Giving it time. So why give useless over -thinking any time??
But expressing in some form just makes thoughts float better in mind.Its like my mental recycle bin , which I visit  from time to time to recover trash. Or for the better - to completely erase it from the system.

I don't always write to be read. I write because I want to be heard by someone other than me.It makes me feel lighter.

I spoke to dad. He thinks somewhere my thinking process is going terribly wrong.
I agree with him . And I'm fighting to correct it.
Huh ...damn...again trapped in writing what should not be written.

Anyhow ...people drink alcohol when they're sad , depressed etc. Or when they party.
I have had numerous opportunities to get drunk. But I haven't done that...because I want to be euphoric when I drink.


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  2. Whoever called you a 'loser' for blogging must be a bigger one himself as he/she does not realize the power of words, of writing :)

    I assume you are having cousins over..hehhehe that is what I associate Monopoly sessions with :D

  3. A.R.Rahman concert = waaaow

    Monopoly = <3

    And I agree with Vidhya Shirley. Writting is therapeutic.

  4. Always do what you feel like doing :)

  5. Hmmm, I blog because well I don't wanna trouble friends all the time with every stupid fleeting thing that enters my mind.
    And depression generally results in me reaching for the beer bottle. Doesn't really help, but I do get good sleep later on :)

  6. Lovely way to spend time...these days even i feel like i m pressed for time.


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