Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fast & Furious 5

Dubbed English movies are outrageous , silly  & an insult something known as 'translation'.

However the wacky dubbing can be hilarious.

Dialogues from Fast & Furious 5  >>

"Ek baar mai commitment kar do..toh phir apni bhi nahi sunta" :P  LOL
The entire audience was in splits !!

And then the usual chahu , mamu and bheedu that went on and on and on...

What is wrong with the people who dub ??
What is wrong with INOX to not have ONE  English show of a Hollywood movie in my city!!

Anyhow...coming back to the movie minus the dubbed dialogues - it was really fast and furious ;)

I've been a fan of the FnF series. But I liked the 4th one a lot more than the 5th insatlment.
The action is crazy in good ways.The story is crazy in bad ways.
In fact..don't even think of the story. It makes sense but its highly unrealistic with too many errors.
But then again..action movies are always unrealistic.
No complaints though.
Awesome visual treat.


  1. Planning to watch it sometime soon. I watch the FnF movies just for Paul Walker though. :P I love his smile. :D

  2. Seriously? Inox dubs English movies? In Bombay there are more shows of English movies (none of them are dubbed) then actual Hindi movies.
    I love my city :)

  3. Watching the seen movies back again in dubbed, is a lot of fun...
    I did the harry potter series and went nuts.. they just do outrageous stuff... anyways, I guess me no action guy, so I'll restrain commenting on the rest of the post


  4. - Felicity
    Haha I love Paul Walker too :D

    - Anish
    Oh yeah..they screen dubbed movies here. One major reason why I would love to live in Mumbai :P

    - Aaakash
    lol ya I've seen dubbed HP movies..gosh they're bloody ridiculous!
    Not into action ? :O Oh well I'd suggest you do watch FnF for cars then ;)

  5. Hahahahaa

    don't even get me started on dubbing standards xD

    However, really want to watch this one!

  6. Dubbed movies can be both entertaining and torturous :)


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