Monday, December 15, 2008

United We Stand!

Blood relations are happy, healthy & strong.No matter what happened , & what could have happened - together we create a sea of twinkling contentment & joy. I never thought or even wanted to think of the time we could be together but now that we are feels like routine.Its been 4 years now that we had stopped all possible communication with my second elder uncle & their family.Correction* - They cut off all kind of contact with us. Reason still unknown.But thats not important.The good thing ..the great thing..they are back :)

Its going to take a lot of time for the ice to break between my parents & my uncle & aunt.But for my two sisters & me , it couldn't be a problem.12 years of togetherness + the 2 yrs of fun that we'd had after separation , overshadowed 4 years of abandonment.
I don't wish to know why they did what they did.I appreciate what they have done now.Past is dark , hurts & induces rage among us but the present & the future prospects are just equally bright.I love my sisters as much as I did anytime before & its great that we don't have to wait for any common event where we could be together & talk endlessly.

I went for dinner at their place after 4 years & it seemed like just yesterday when I was last there.
Thats blood relation...fragile but healthy.
We talked , laughed till our stomach started crunching.Priyanka & I can go laughing about any damn silly thing.Sometimes we laugh in silence as well.
Thats blood relation - sappy & happy.
We shared secrets.Yes , after a long time.I'm the listener ..always.So basically Priyanka spoke her heart out.And others too just generally discussed a lot of things.
Thats blood relation...strong enough to have an automated trust system.

I'm happy.Not overjoyed as I didn't ever expect that the coldness between us would never end.I somehow knew we all are going to be together once again :)
I had a wonderful time being with everyone.It was our new home's vastu pooja on the 12th.And the entire occasion passed peacefully & joyfully.Thanks to my 4 first cousins.And of course a special thanks to my sweet little brother who has been the bridge & key element in uniting our family.

The importance of big family is realized only in its presence.It gives a feeling of pride , strength & confidence.Lots of happiness & support alongside.Thank you so much all of you!! I'm so excitedly looking forward to spending time with all of them again.
In fact what could have been a better start than 24 of us going together for a late night show ? :P Yup , we watched Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.Now as far as the movie is concerned ..I just kept laughing all the time as I was sitting next to priyanka.This younger taller sister of mine is crazy.Prachi is never done with her sarcasm.She's funny too.My cousin elder brothers also have the best damn sense of humor on this earth.Complete package of fun :)

I finally bought a cell phone as well.After almost 2 months lol.Thats icing on the cake!


  1. All the best for the time ahead with your whole family..
    and congress for the new cell phone.. okk BJP as well!


  2. Your this post motivated me to look forward things with my friends or other people those are nearer to me. Thank you =]


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