Saturday, December 27, 2008


I spoilt my x-mas.
Went to a nearby club which although arranges a party for kids , has the maximum no. of teenagers.I did not wish to go anywhere this year.Not even Church.But then at the last moment , I thought of going to this club...just for the food they provide.Its delicious! Too tempting to let go.
But the food was the worst I had this year.Worse than the Indian food we ate in Mauritius .
On top of this , the party was such a kiddo freak type.There were just bees of kids around running from once place to another.And some stupid games arranged for them.
The music I'll blame the DJ..who probably didn't have the sense not to play a song like 'I wanna F you' on X-mas Party.So loud.So clear.Nobody was deceived.
The crowd was disappointing.I mean there should have been at least one cute guy around ??
My bad , none!
I joined some 15 yr olds for dance.That was the stupidest thing I could have done.I should have sticked to the fact that I was there only to eat the food.But I danced! Like hell I did! grrrr! Thankfully nobody my age whom I knew was would have been embarrassing otherwise.

The funniest thing was that the children tore Santa's clothes :P lol!
And what I found much more funnier was that these 15 yr olds consider them self the queen & king of the world.I wanted to slap one or two of them .We weren't so silly at 15 , you crack brained young adults! :P
I seriously was in the wrong place at the wrong time.With wrong music , wrong food , wrong guys & a miserably wrong Santa.

Not my way of celebrating X-mas.Next year I'm staying home. :X


  1. Interesting Christmas, I must say ! Bad Christmass' seem to be going around this season! At least you didn't have to study, and got to see a Santa! Er.... not the best one around, nevertheless. I'm sure u've made up for bad Christmas for a few years yet, so your New year and UR next Christmas will be quite jolly I'm sure ! Btw, Belated Merry Christmas :D

  2. youoooohhh :-@...15 yrs old teenagers are NOT "crack brained young adults"!!!!!! I wonder y ppl envy dese 15 yr
    Ok, no sincere sympathies wid u for havin such an awful yule..
    U shud have described yr attire atleast..Do explain yr dress n footwea in detail next bdw, u can now cuss 15 yrs old kiddos..**gonna b 16 s0on** :D

  3. Lolx I'm sure, you don't know how to slap :P ^_^


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