Monday, December 22, 2008

All that jazz..

=>So after all the family re-union & stuff , I'm receiving shocking news about few people I know.On one side I was so happy & on the other I'm nothing but SHOCKED.Not dumbstruck.No nervousness.No kind of rage. Just a light side of shock.

Its about the two-faced people. :|
Its sad.I feel sad for them.

All I need now is a pool of money to spool them up with!
Can't wait for life to give an opportunity to enable me to shower money on some...some...yeah those people.Those really cruel ones.Snake in the grass!

Vengeance !

=>Prayers !! I'm losing faith in I not ?? I have to make myself pray.It doesn't come naturally any more.Or may be I'm just too ashamed to ask him for anything.

=>Diabetes has started its work.Attacked my dad's eyes.
I've become stone-hearted.I somehow wanted to feel my pulse racing.I wanted to cry.
But it didn't happen to me!
Have I become too selfish ? Or is it just that I was sure every thing's gonna be fine ?

=>Even though I haven't started earning yet ..not even my bloody stipend , I've decided what I'm gonna do with my first pay & all that follows.
Donate to a Diabetes research centre.
That won't be much but haven't we heard of the phrase...Many a little makes a mickle ;)

=>I'm going to be a great cook! No more postponing now.I need to get started with cooking.Its gonna be lots of fun.I loved making tomato soup yesterday. Chopping is fun too :P

=>I hate braggarts.But I hate over smart people more.Stay away you fools!

=>I've started working out finally! I had decided to work out somewhere in the month of April but then being me what I am , I kept it for some 'later' day.
Its good to sweat out.Its even great to have a feeling of guilt while gulping a molecule of sugar.

- Time to look for a good choreographer.I want to dance in the next wedding!! -


  1. You know what, I feel the same about "prayers".

    Good luck with the cooking, working out and dancing!! :)

    Take care girl...

    Merry Christmas!! Cheers!

  2. Hows your father now ??

    P.S God is our only hope, we should not lose hope on Him.


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